Saint Lucia Clergyman’s Car Set On Fire

A car belonging to a Saint Lucia Clergyman was set on fire Monday morning by persons unknown, it has been reported.

The incident occurred at Odsan.

Francis Polius, a pastor at the Goodlands Full Gospel Church, told St Lucia Times about 2:30 a.m his dogs began raising a ruckus.

Francis Polius

He said the animals are locked in cages.

According to Polius, he went to investigate what was causing the dogs to create the disturbance.

” I looked around – I saw nothing, so I decided to look on the other side facing the main road,” he told St Lucia Times.

The Saint Lucia clergyman recalled seeing two people enter a vehicle which remained stationary for a while.

He said he concluded that the dogs had been barking at the duo.

However Polius disclosed that when he went back inside, he saw a huge flame and discovered that his car was on fire.

“Some of my neighbours came and we did our best to try and send as much water in it to put out the fire before the gas tank itself had gotten fire,” he stated.

Polius said another vehicle was parked near his.

“To be honest with you, I have no idea who would do that because I am in no trouble with anybody; none whatsoever,” he declared.

He noted that his vehicle was totally destroyed.

“Who else is safe now? If your vehicle is parked by your house and you’re in no trouble with somebody and someone can just come and do that in the middle of the night, what about your house? It could have been my house,” Polius exclaimed.

“My message is to tell people out there – whatever reason they have for their violence; look for a peaceful way to settle it because for me it makes no sense.”

“Why should somebody burn my car when I have no trouble with anybody?” Polius lamented.

Vehicle with rear windscreen destroyed

He said someone broke the rear windshield and threw something flammable into the vehicle.

Polius recalled that last week a BMW vehicle belonging to someone in his church suffered the same fate.

“They sent fire in it the same way,” he lamented.




  1. Pa pa God put hand’s in st.lucia I’M calling on you the hatred needs to stop right now before it’s too late.Dont know why the country is so divided with anger, those that are responsible need to suffer the consequences.

  2. Mr.Bob , you sounds like an arsehole, everything is political for uneducated fools like you. When things happens to our brother’s and sister’s,we should pray that these situations doesn’t reoccur,and seek solutions rather than gloating and politicizing it. I urge you to find yourself and education,think more intelligently and try to make a meaningful contribution in society than bringing politics into every situation.

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    • I would not bother reading it………………..Pray and ask God if you are returning to this post to help you summarize your messages because this looooooooooooooooong text that you have written is in vain! I hope you are out on the streets in the ghettos preaching


    Though need for concern, not necessarily need for alarm- ‘…Selective Attack.’

    An attack with possible the use of ‘…Molotov Cocktail – a simple incendiary device-

    (i) …glass bottle with 50% gasoline;

    (ii) …50% diesel; (ii) …a wick-lighted and thrown at an object.

    On impact, bottle broken, fueled sand scattered- instant inferno.

    If citizens know and alert the police, they can help in preventing such attacks.

    The police shall look intensively for these culprits.

    Speak to community leaders and members.

    Not sure why a Pastor would hear his ‘…caged dogs barking to tell him’ that some person or persons were about to cause damage to his property.

    Moreover, if he was so brave enough to go outside and do not call the police,’ he would have neglected a civic duty.

    Sure if the dogs;

    (a) …Could talk;

    (b) …Endowed with the sense he possesses;

    (c) …Had a cellular phone;

    (d) …They would have called the police.’

    Added to his own message about ‘…dispute settlement,’ he may now tell himself that whenever ‘…caged dogs bark at night,’ suspect that someone is about to cause harm or bring distress upon himself.

    Apart from alerting him of the possible presence of evil forces, he shall ‘…CALL THE POLICE.’

    Their role is to,

    (i) …PROTECT and SERVE;
    (ii) …Prevent and detect crime;
    (iii) …Arrest and detain; and
    (iv) …Prosecute criminals.’

    Let the dogs do the barking. You do the calling and talking. CALL THE POLICE.

    But if ‘…caged,’ can only ‘…Bark To Alert.’

  5. Anyone who keeps pets in cages deserves what ever they get. Maybe if your dog’s were loose they would have been able to guard the yard. Idiot.

  6. I hope no one is sleeping with each other’s wife in that church. That can make a man do crazy things.

  7. How can you have no enemies as a man of God………………You need to seriously reconsider your view on this life…………If they hated the Jesus I hope you are preaching why not you? If it was done to someone in your church perhaps knowing how that person is close to you a warning was sent. I hope the persons involved are caught. Who knows if you did not wake up in time what could have occurred.

  8. Nobody hates you. Maybe because the wrong people love you for the wrong reasons. Or maybe you have been loving the wrong aged people. ‘Wangement’ (creole) is karma pastor

  9. Something amidst! Seeing a duo entering”A” car and going back inside….why didn’t he immediately recognise his car and parking spot….did he went to retrieve his firearm?

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