Saint Lucia Closes Schools As It Fights Sharp COVID-19 Spike

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Saint Lucia is temporarily closing all public and private schools, as the country manages the biggest COVID-19 wave to date.

The institutions will close from Friday, January 22 for a 10-day period.

The Chairman of the COVID-19 Command Centre, Dominic Fedee, made the announcement on Wednesday.

Fedee said the schools would exclusively operate via multi-media platforms.

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But he explained that the authorities have made special allowances in public education.

These would facilitate medical school students, students sitting the CAPEĀ  examination and Form 4&5 secondary school students sitting CSEC and other exams.

Fedee announced the decision to close schools among several other measures.

They included urging organisations and businesses to implement blended services that encourage people to work from home where possible.

In addition, the authorities have encouraged organisations and businesses to hold virtual staff and board meetings.

The recommendation will be in place from Friday for a 10-day period.

Fedee also announced a decision to scale back business hours from to closing time daily.

The authorities have also banned social gatherings in public and private settings.

As a result, they have advised people to limit contact to immediate households.

There are no allowances for mass gatherings.

The measure goes into effect from on Friday for a 10-day period.

However worship and religious activities can take place.

Daily worship and religious services can operate using a ‘blended approach’ of physical and online services.

Nevertheless only 25 people, including religious officials, can attend physical services.

On Wednesday, the government announced an immediate ban on liquor sales.

The ban prohibits the selling and consuming alcohol at supermarkets, minimarts, grocery shops, gas stations, restaurants and bars and other licensed operators.

The ban will last for 21 days.

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