Saint Lucia Communities Benefitting From Stimulus Activities For Christmas

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Castries South MP Ernest Hilaire, responding to an inquiry from reporters about stimulus activities for Christmas, disclosed this week that they have already started.

“It has started. There are activities that have started from last week . In my constituency it starts this week so there are a number of different stimulus programmes, clean ups as well as small infrastructural works to deal with flood mitigation and landslides, for since the last Hurricane Elsa we still have cleaning up to do so there’ll be quite a lot taking place over the next few weeks,” Hilaire explained.

“People are going through real difficult times now with COVID. It is true the tourism sector has opened up and a lot more persons are now back in employment in the tourism sector, but it’s certainly very difficult times and people are looking for some support, some relief and a few million dollars will be pumped into the economy in the next two to three weeks providing relief to many persons. There’ll be food vouchers – MP’s will be given food vouchers,” the Minister of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information stated.

He said a notable feature of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration is that it has treated the two opposition MPs’ quite generously’.

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“I recall my days in opposition as an MP and virtually suffering to get any support. This government has done it differently and certainly the opposition parliamentarians are benefitting from the resources being made available for constituencies,” Hilaire expressed.

Headline photo: Community clean up – Internet stock image

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  1. @okay then who is holding a gun to their head ?? They are not on a chain gang.,..most of these people are not young people they are too lazy . ..having the prisoners do this is risky. I will agree low crime offenders could do this as. ” community service”. This is strictly at your own will while it last. Better the government give out this kind of work instead of awarding it to a contractor because you know what would happen if they did that’s when you would see real corruption.

  2. For all those that believe that all poor people are worth is to cut grass and clean gutters, something is wrong with you. How can this lift them out of poverty? Are you saying that all poor people are uneducated, foolish, and can’t contribute anything to society. Why don’t they let the prison inmates do that, like how it’s done overseas. These are not jobs for poor people. Why don’t Hilaire go and speak to them personally and find out what they really need? That’s what I would have done, instead of insulting them by making them feel that’s all their worth

  3. For everyone who thinks that all poor people are worth is to cut grass and clean gutters, something is wrong with y’all. You are insulting poor people. Are you saying that poor people are uneducated, foolish, don’t know any better, and don’t deserve better programs to lift them out of poverty. This isn’t putting people first one bit. What happens after Christmas?

  4. Hilair – are you downright deaf, stupid, ignorant or just plain wicked? We have clean up and fixing to do since Thomas, thats some 10yrs ago, They are landslide and collapse of road infrastructure since then where it somehow seems like a normal thing because the SLP/UWP fail to fix it. What i would say is that i would support the reintroduction of the STEP program because since the UWP came into power and shut it down the road ways became a jungle, some places the bushes consume part of the road, so when the UWP was selling tourism they were also showing off the jungle roads and fish ponds highways at the same time.

  5. Minister in the ministry of tourism there were three ships today how how of the vendors or the taxi drivers took money home today.The ships were at the habour yes but the big guys yours friends they are the one take home all the cash.When are you guys go to represent the the small man in stlucia.We need to pay your loan take care of your children pay bills how are able to do that when the tourist are coming to the market mr minister do something

  6. For all who support this…let me say something here. This is how dictatorships work or should I say communist states. They continue to oppress the poor and keep them in poverty because the poor are dependent on them. The have no means of elevating themselves because of their low self esteem so the current administration with all their “ political science brains” prey on the down and depressed. That’s how the SLP will continue to get votes.

  7. For the next 5 years. Christmas Stimulus. SMH. That is all the ppl in your constituency are worth. What we call that An Imitative> Job Creation. SMH. Y can’ t Infrastructure be given an allocation to maintain the roadsides and the govt create genuine job opportunities. That is all SLP knows. STEP. Economically this is Ridiculous. Is like dem men take pride in gvn Handouts and We take pride in receiving Handouts. When will we move forward with some proper Investment, Initiatives that provides proper sustainable jobs so we can survive. I

  8. Short term handouts. Nothing to uplift our people and build a better St Lucia–just something small to block a hole for the Christmas season. What did you work on for our women? Nothing. Is this what a government is offering their women too–the as the same as men?– clean bushes along the roadside and infrastructural works! OMG! At least the former government created work in the call centers; they had a stable job and could use this to advance themselves. But you wanna give our women and academics, hoes and cutlasses and you feel proud of that. Are these politicians not ashamed?!

  9. You should never be in government ignorant man SINKING st lucia..embarrassment selfish that’s what the young st lucians

  10. Meanwhile your friends get high paying positions whilst those who worked hard in the fight and put themselves out and were subjected to victimization are sidelined and forgotten although equally qualified and the little people have to bed their backs in the hit sun for crumbs. Time for you to go!

  11. Discontinued more sustainable jobs, gave them STEP and now you want to boast about it. Of course they had to ask about STEP because you guys can give nothing more.

  12. hiliare please fix the roads in barre st Joseph. awa e an ambulance cant even go up there in time to save someone’s life

  13. He-liar f’k off. What you think y’all doing? All this means nothing when y’all are busy victimizating people all around St Lucia including their own supporters.

    Anyway that’s the worth of sleeping St Lucians. Step and $50 vouchers. Smh.

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