Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Saint Lucia Concerned About Dominica Unrest

Saint Lucia is concerned about unrest in Dominica ahead of general elections on December, 2019.

Riot police recently fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at protesters, most of them linked to the main opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

The protesters want election reform.

“Clearly we are concerned about the unrest there and our Caribbean societies have always had free and fair elections,” External Affairs Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun told reporters outside parliament Tuesday.

She observed that the Caribbean region is known for having stable governments and respect for the rule of law and democracy.

“That is what we would like to see prevail in Dominica,” Flood-Beaubrun stated.

She disclosed that although she has not confirmed it, she received an indication from Saint Lucia’s Ambassador in Washington that the Organisation of American States (OAS) may be invited, if it has not already been.

“I think that is a developing news story that we can watch,” the Minister told reporters.

She said it was her understanding that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) would send observers to the Dominica poll.

Flood-Beaubrun, in responding to whether she was concerned about similar developments here, pointed out that issues regarding elections do not take place on election day.

“It’s making sure that your procedures are in order – it’s making sure that the rules are observed; it’s making sure that the necessary reforms are conducted in the appropriate manner,” she explained.

“Having free and fair elections means all of the electoral processes need to be above or beyond reproach, so it’s  not a matter of when it’s election time – it’s a matter of all the important reforms that need to take place in fact taking place,” the Minister said.

“That’s why we have bodies like the Electoral Commission where we have both government and opposition; it’s about all of us together – democratic society doing what we need to do; putting our house in order to make sure that by the time election comes everything has been done in an appropriate manner so that everyone is satisfied with it, so that on election day you can have a free process and everyone can accept the results,” the Castries Central MP noted.

“Clearly when things like this happen we can learn from what we see happen. The issue is not just in Dominica,” she said.

The Minister explained that a number of Latin American countries have had issues with elections.






  1. Of course y’alll concerned. There is a powder keg throughout that Caribbean festering just beneath the surface. WIth but a spark all of y’all crooked people will be gone. For too long hard working folk have had to suffer because of y’all corruption. We need a fresh start.

      • st lucia will be there front and center in that programme then. this is courtesy of Ernesto Destructo who is now deputy of the St Lucia Labour Party who is hoping to form the next government. Yes Hilarious is it not? ****. we are doomed by corrupt politicians.

  2. Be concerned…be very concerned. When,people are tired of crooked, dishonest, corrupt politicians interested in their own personal gain and not the interests of the populace this is what obtains. St. Lucians are suffering and there is a desperate feeling amongst the people to be rid of UWP off our backs. St Lucian are fed up and we are reddy to protest TOO. Allen is a fraud and a failure and so is the whole UWP

  3. Lenox Lenton is the main root of the unrest in Dominica,he is completely power hungry,that its seem that he will condecend to any degree to obtain Prime minister of Dominica,the police department in Dominica should moniter him.

  4. The Minister’s statements show how timid and reluctant she is. Desperate people do desperate things. What has driven a peaceful people to take such radical measures. Surely it has to be something of grave concern to them. Corruption! Corruption! Corruption! The cowardly, hypocritical Minister failed to pinpoint the root of the problem. Mr. Skerrit is easily the most corrupt politician in the Caribbean who won the last two elections by suspicious means and is determined to do it again. He has failed to put in place electoral reforms suggested by the Commonwealth, CARICOM and the OAS. Dominica should lose its membership in these organizations. Its government is among the most corrupt nations internationally. It is well known for being in bed with international crooks and fugitives of the law. CARICOM member countries are too afraid to call out Roosevelt Skerrit for his dastardly corrupt practices.

  5. Yeah right… you don’t have to worry Sarah, St.Lucians are too passive they won’t take to the streets and demand change

  6. CARICOM member countries are showing concern for Dominica and rightly so. If it is stated that Dominica’s opposition seems to be instigating the unrest – they need to be watched! And Caribbean politicians are probably taking a page from a distance with a “wait and see” attitude. Unfortunately CORRUPTION has reared its ugly head in some Caribbean nations which does not bode well for the populace.
    They (the Caribbean populace) are also watching …

  7. Skerrit is a dictator when a prim minister tells it people he runs things and no one should ask any question then that’s a dictator. All skerrit friends are dictators their citizens are under hostage.Dominicans must fight for what they believe in.
    I say to the people of my island throw that rat off the gravy train is out of commission.

  8. what mamsel talking about? lady what you know about Skerrit?? not a thing he steals the election and not to mention illegal activities

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