Saint Lucia Concerned That Venezuela ‘Continues To Stifle Democracy’

Press Release:–  Minister with responsibility for External Affairs, Honourable Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, confirmed that Saint Lucia recently voted in favour of accepting the appointment of Mr. Gustavo Tarre as the National Assembly of Venezuela’s designated permanent representative to the Organization of American States, this pending new elections and the appointment of a democratically elected government.

Saint Lucia has been on the record as stating that the National Assembly is the only democratic institution presently in Venezuela.

While Saint Lucia continues to advocate for a peaceful, democratic and Venezuelan-owned solution to the crisis that grips that country – a solution that includes dialogue and excludes the use of force, and one that includes the holding of free, transparent and credible elections – the government is concerned that the regime in Venezuela continues to stifle democracy.

The recent effort to “disqualify” the President of the National Assembly from holding public office for 15 years – this without regard to due process – is an example cited of the lack of an open and transparent judicial process.

“We should not be quiet to unconstitutional efforts to maintain an illegitimate grip on power – despite the loud clamoring of a country’s people and the international community for new and open elections. Importantly, the government is concerned that the people of Venezuela will be denied the access to the protections of the Inter-American system, if that country is to depart the OAS,” stated Minister Sarah Flood-Beaubrun.

While the Government of Saint Lucia’s position is that there must always be an openness to dialogue, we lament is that the regime in Caracas has chosen to ignore all serious efforts at outreach, including those by the Caribbean. There is particular concern at the increase of external actors being welcomed into the region’s zone of peace.

According to the Department of External Affairs, the OAS vote highlights that taking a stance in support of the people of Venezuela is important and inaction is not an option for Saint Lucia within international fora. Saint Lucia’s recent vote at the OAS carries the message that Saint Lucia will not be complicit in efforts by regimes to keep their people repressed.


  1. This clears the air about all the trash talk and the fake news,that some try to circulate.We are on the right path,and we are upholding the law and the desicions of the mayorities in the continent.Good for St Lucia

  2. Is our government an outlaw one? Why should our government indulge in such practice? have we forgotten how it all started when Hugo was Venezuela’s president? Are we joining the US in it’s overthrowing spree?

  3. Now Trump give us visa free access. Chastanet has delivered. Brave man has even gone against Caricom. Put St Lucia first PM!

    • Sure put St. Lucia first. St. Lucia manufactures all the machinery we use, produce all the food we eat, develop all the medicines our sick need. Only St. Lucia matters. Retard

  4. Sarah mind ur own damn business. Your party not stifling democracy here? What have you guys done for the average man here in St lucia? More misery we are seeing on a day to day basis whilst gang members just playing a bunch of stupid games.

  5. All who condone what is going on now in Venezuela, you hypocrites, have u for one minute thought of what life has been for ordinary Venezuelans?
    SLU is not part of any overthrow. All SLU is supporting is free and fair elections to relieve the suffering of the people.
    So stop being blindsided by political hatred.

    • You don’t know how this started now did you? The very same ones attempting to destroy the country are the ones trying to fix it. Don’t be that guy

    • Fairness, you are the hypocrite because you know damn well that the situation in Venezuela has nothing to do with elections and have everything to do with the Americans through their puppets trying to put their hands on Venezuelan oil. The people are suffering because America is using its puppets to create a crisis. You, “Fairness” must “stop being blinded sided by political hatred”.

      • The idiots know that, they just rather push their head in the sand and a$$3$ up in the air to get shafted by the Americans. We better pray oil never gets discovered here. Never forget who you friends are and the region should not allow more powerful nations to divide them and play them like fiddles.

  6. Sarah Sarah Sarah will you please tell me how is the government of Venezuela stifling democracy? The right to vote is the most democratic right a government can give to its citizens and don’t forget president Jimmy Carter said, it was fairest he had observed in the western hemisphere. Just try and compare that to what took place in the United states in 2016, the most rigged and corrupt ever in its history. And when people spew garbage about how bad things are in Venezuela, like your friend Fairness, these are people who watch or read American propaganda.
    Don’t forget that what ever problems Venezuelans are going through was imposed upon them by the United states and here is st.lucia sitting at the supper table with the great Satan.

  7. Rule No. 1 : Always listen to the Will of the People.
    Rule No. 2 : Remember Rule No. 1
    Rule No. 3 : Remember Rule No. 2
    Rule No. 4 : Remember Rule No. 2 & 3

    Indeed, it is very sensitive, the political goings on in Venezuela. Equally, one could argue that there are two Wills of the People. One that favours Maduro and by opposing, the other that supports the National Assembly. How do we wade into such a sensitive issue? Do we just stand by and watch a Nation burn? Remember the Might Pep? Si barb camarade’ou pris di fay, wozer sa’ou ( meaning, when your neighbour’s house is on fire, douse your house with water lest it burn) A rather selfish, self serving way to look at things I might add. A French translation would say ‘Si barb votre camarade pris du feu, arroser la tiene.’

    Indeed Saint Lucia’s approach to the Venezuela question is the right Diplomatic stance to take.The idea being, if One cherishes Democracy and the rule of Law, then One should espouse what One holds dear. If one favours Dictatorship, that’s what One espouses and so on and so forth, if it be Totalitarianism, and so on and so forth…et cetera, et cetera. We all want the region to be stable and free, where the rule of Law abides and the People allowed their rights.

    The Venezuela issue can easily spill – which it has – to the Caribbean archipelago and adversely affect the delicate Political ecosystem in the Caribbean region. To be silent on such an issue would be unwise, ill advised and irresponsible.

    • C-wiz, your writing skills suggest that you are out of the 43% but more importantly, your comprehension and analysis suggest that you are heavily influenced by the 43%. The right Diplomatic stand is to appeal to both side to work towards a peaceful solution. It cannot be a “Diplomatic Stand” when you are taking sides and voting at the OAS to accept one side’s representative and ostracizing the other. Or perhaps you need to give me your preschool definition of “Diplomatic stand”.

    • Are you serious. Will of which people exactly? What if the Ralph Gonsalves and the rest of the OECS gets up one day and decides to recognise Phillip Pierre as the Prime Minister? You can’t be that dumb now can you?

      • Bo, I wish I knew C-wiz personally because I would like to look him in the face while he answers that very pertinent question: “What if Ralph Gonsalves and the rest of the OECS get up one day and decide to recognise Philip Pierre as the Prime Minister?”. Or even more so, the CARICOM Heads that did not go to Florida to meet Trump?

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