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Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am
Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am
Updated on July 10, 2020 11:53 am

Saint Lucia Confirms 3RD COVID-19 Case

Saint Lucia has recorded its third case of COVID-19, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George announced Monday.

“Our third case is a 43 year old female with a travel history to the US,” the Chief Medical Officer told a news conference at the GIS studios.

Belmar-George told reporters that the patient returned here experiencing flu-like symptoms.

The CMO said the patient, who entered the system on March 12, 2020,  was tested and treated.

She said the results of the test were received Sunday.

“She is presently in isolation,” Belmar-George disclosed.

“Our teams are working closely with her possible contacts on the ground presently,” she explained.

According to the CMO, the patient is recovering well.

“She was isolated upon arrival,” Dr. Belmar-George disclosed.

“From the information we got, we will provide further information later on as our teams are  on the ground, but she was isolated – not within our hotel, because as you are aware our hotel only opened up on Friday, but she was  under home isolation because she lives alone and she has been alone since,” the CMO told reporters.

She said further information will be provided to members of the public.

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    • Is this a rhetorical question? Of course everyone who has entered the country ILLEGALLY has been LOCATED and TESTED.

  1. How can they detect someone with the covid19 in a responsive manner?…is it protocol that any one with “the flu” get tested?…some things seems amidst…..we still desperately waiting to hear the results of the 90+ persons in quarantine.

    • Did any of the 90+ had flu like symptoms? They are just in quarantine for now.

      • They won’t be testing 90+ persons – that would be a waste of resources. The only persons being tested are persons who develop symptoms.

  2. That woman is a A….. the person came here experience flu like symptoms this should have been picked up from day one. She pass throw y’all so call screening she would have been placed in quarantine. How long since she is here and now y’all looking for persons she came in contact with. Y’all self will cause this shit to spread like wild fire due to the lazy and know it all attitude, the watch what other countries do, the wait let’s see what happens ,the touristism sector will suffer attitude.Not everyone who has a DR, PM , Minister in front their name has common sense

    • Please let’s not get emotional and make baseless comments. The CMO and her team are doing a phenomenal job. St lucians need to follow the health protocols in order to flatten the curve. This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate love kindness compassion to every human being.

  3. The person was tested, treated and is now recovering well. So this mean y’all knew she was sick for more than a week now. Does this virus come and go in a day’s time. Only now a team is finding persons she was in contact with what happen to the persons they self was in contact with. The CMO and her TEAM needs to start telling ST LUCIANS the dam truth and stop covering up everything.

    • If they do not have the symptoms, they are allowed to self quarantine if they live alone or have the requirements at home to the satisfaction of the Health Authority. They problem the Authority have seen is that these Locals coming from the USA do not stay home during the quarantine period. I suspect that’s the reason the shutdown the boarders for incoming passengers.

    • #1. The CMO said the patient, who entered the system on March 12, 2020, was TESTED and treated.

      #2. “She is presently in ISOLATION,” Belmar-George disclosed.

      #3. “She was ISOLATED upon arrival,” Dr. Belmar-George disclosed.

      EMPHASIS MINE. These statements, written in plain and simple English, were included in the article.

  4. You all know she had it long and now alone y’all telling people that. Y’all don’t even want to say when she came 😑

    • “[Dr. Belmar-George] said the results of the test were received Sunday.”

      Yesterday (Mar 22, 2020) was Sunday. They received the test results yesterday and they told us today.

  5. Dont even dream of sending travelers to their houses to do self isolation,you are going to kill us all in three months.Start testing all those you have in quarentine in your sick hotel,not those that came from Martinique.Then your numbers will tell us what is really going on Im very worried about all those hotel workers in that hotel

  6. “Our third case is a 43 year old female with a travel history to the US” – What the hell does that mean? Is she Saint Lucian, British, French? When was it discovered that she had flu-like symptoms, at the airport, at her home? How long had she been in Saint Lucia before she was tested and treated? This is too vague and raises too many unanswered questions.

  7. SLU approach to controlling our border is not sufficient. Passengers coming from COVID-19 affected areas (UK,US etc) should be quarantine on arrival not only folks returning from Martinique. SLU does not have the resources to perform effective contact tracing we should deal with it at the border. Our tourism industry is already negatively impact at this point we can afford the fallout.

    Our approach should not only be flattening the curve it should be preventing community transmission from foreign origin.

    The information reported is insufficient, what is the status of the first two COVID-19 cases? How many test kits are available? Number of ventilators available and number being procured?

    Reporter – next time please prepare a detail report. I am sure CMO would have shared more information.

  8. 3 only u all know but people had escape quarantine .Rat Island they consider for quarantine, as small as it is could of build an emergency centre in a week just like China build a massive hospital in this short time
    The horse track building faster than a hospital is like putting a cart before the horse. If Rat Island was like Alcatraz it would be more difficult to escape quarantine. Now your back against the wall and u all see the St jude hospital should have been completed in an emergency like that.
    Right now the government have to think ahead because there are poor people who have to go out to make a bread and feed their family and if to say the country lock down for months what is in place. At list the price of fuel should go down to begin with . Other countries checking for their people what about us. There are some countries in that situation and it cause crime and violence so this government must think ahead and put things in place to handle the situation before it get out of hand.

  9. Because chastnet keeping the airports open so what you expect ? This female came down on the 12th. Only now …smh . what’s the latest with the 2 other cases .

  10. We can do much better than those big countries who are not testing too much. we should test as much as possible and quarantine so that persons can get better before they get worst. i will appeal to the medical authorities here that if they are treating anyone, please dont do it with HIV drugs, we dont know what can happen to the patient after. i dont trust neither the yellow nor white men with these suggestions. We are black people anti-malaria drugs have been given to people of african descent for a very long time. i would rather chance that. our descendants from africa somewhere in our DNA we have met mosquito borne diseases. so i think this will be much safer for us take if things get bad.

  11. I dont understand why people from the USA are not being quarantined. They are not invincible. I know a number of people who came from the states just roaming everywhere. Going to funerals and restaurants.
    The US has the third highest number of cases world wide ! Flights should be cancelled or at least put them in quarantine immediately.

    • Boss that’s why I am in isolation because you see these dumb people in this government is screwing us all. They know what’s going on in New York (which is the epicenter right now in the US) they know what’s going on in the UK for WELL OVER 2 WEEKS. THEY KNOW !!. Miami is blowing up right now.

  12. Dr.Belmar George. Why are you lying to the country? Is this what you get paid for? You said that the patient into the country on the 12th showing flu like symptoms was tested and isolated. Does it take 11 days to get results? If she was isolated immediately then why are you working closely with possible contacts?

  13. Since the 12th!!! Oh boy. Meanwhile the unconfirmed are roaming the streets affecting everyone.

  14. Wonder if that’s the person from the US who they say tested negative the first time …tell us

  15. So she has been on island since March 12th 2020 and y’all have confirmed on March 23th 2020. That is 11 days she has been in “self isolation” meaning that it was only enforced by periodical visits from police and health officials. Which means it is possible that her relatives and/or friends could of been in contact with her and we would never know.

  16. That sound like the wellness center nurse they had in quarantine atleast a week+ ago.

  17. Reading the comments here, it seems that many of the commenters are either not reading the article fully (or at all) or, worse, not comprehending basic English. A lot of the questions being asked are already dealt with in the article. A lot of the accusations being made are refuted by the article. Read the article.

    Also, some of us don’t seem to understand the difference between isolation (which is for persons who are either exhibiting symptoms or have a positive test result) and quarantine (which is for people who may have been exposed but do not yet exhibit symptoms). The two are not the same and should not be used interchangeably.

    • aLucian,
      You are fighting an uphill battle my friend. I hope I can count on you as I embark on a future campaign. I will be campaigning for an intelligence test prior to getting a keyboard. Lol

  18. The woman came on the 12th with flu like symtoms it took url 10days to get the result and communicate it to the public but url were able to say the PM was negative within a day.. smh

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