Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Saint Lucia Consumers Urged To Be On Guard Against Business Tricks

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Press Release:– As the Christmas season approaches consumers you better watch out – for while it is the most wonderful time of year; it is also the time when consumer shopping kicks into high gear and the time when businesses get really busy – using all types of carefully engineered tricks and promotions to entice you the consumer to spend more of your hard earned money.

But how do you spend wisely amidst all the subtle psychological cues? How can one
avoid getting carried away in wasteful spending and unnecessary debt?

It can be simple. The Consumer Affairs Department urges consumers to follow these
practical steps:

Prioritize the things on your budget. For example, you should plan to pay your
mortgage or house rent before buying a new stereo system or a plasma television.
Shop around for available options. However, remember that cheaper is not always
better, look for quality.

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When buying meat from local butchers, ensure there is the inspected and passed
stamp from the Ministry of Health.

Inspect goods carefully before leaving the store. Scrutinize goods for quality, signs
that they may be damaged and in the case of clothes and shoes ensure that they fit

Ensure that you are given a receipt. Should something go wrong with the item or the
item is defective your receipt is proof that you bought the particular product at the place
and date that you are claiming.

Ask questions. Before buying, ask all relevant questions about the reputation of the
store, especially if it is an expensive item like a refrigerator, a stove, a television. Ask
questions about the store’s after sales service, questions about the durability of the
item, about warranties and guaranties. For electrical appliances ask about the voltage –
whether it is 110 volts or 220 volts. If in doubt, do not buy.

Read – instruction manuals, contracts and labels. Always check for the expiry dates.
Items that are expired should never be purchased.

Consumers you have the power, with some thoughtful consideration of what is
absolutely necessary and careful planning, you can have an enjoyable and stress free

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. @Honesty you are stupid. Massy has been doing forkery because they have a monopoly for the longest while. Grapes was 20.00 dollars long before corona. its only now they stop. so shut up!

  2. Businesses are in the business to make money. , It’s’s up to the individual to decide what is best for them.
    You would not walk into a shop and walk out without paying, would you? No you would not, because, you face being arrested or charged with stealing/Thief.

    Same applies for everyday hard working people, who have to put up with people who just can’t help themselves. Entering, trespassing without permission and helping themselves to what don’t belong to them. No respect, no shame.

    Leave or enter at your own risk. Every decision we make has consequences.

  3. @Jay agree. If you can’t afford it, you can’t have it. Simple, but not for some.

    Instead some will stoop so low to go help themselves to other people’s things, if they can’t afford it. It’s a disgrace and disgusting behaviour. With total disregard for other people’s possession and the affect it could have on the owner. Blatantly stealing other people’s things without asking.

    Stop helping yourself to other people’s belongings. keep your sticky hands firmly away from taking what don’t belong to you.
    Some of you Lucians too damn fast, and greedy for other people things. It’s not yours leave it the hell alone. Use your own money to buy your things.

    If you can’t afford it, do without. What’s so hard about that. It’s not yours to take.

  4. People things are not the same. Massy is not to be blamed. Read for your forking selves. I hate to see stupidness on this commentary. Prices are high everywhere in the world, things are changing. Wake up!!!. Pls save your monies for food instead.

  5. I dont understand this nonsense press release. where is the consumer affairs department when massy store and all the others over pricing every single item and slapping vat with no explanation on customers bill. thats what you dolts should work on. not come here and put out no press release on nonsense like that. but trust you all lucians in position; mediocrity is the rule rather than the exception. what are you doing about day light robbery price gouging by stores???

  6. I can’T Stand ridiculous childish comments like yours. i THINK you should mind your business and let people live their lives. If YOU KNOW THEY HAVE NO MONEY, GIVE THEM SOME OF YOURS.


  8. Great guidance, but I think some reassurance from Consumer affairs that if companies are caught being dishonest that action would be taken against them would go a long way. It looks like business owners have the freedom to do whatever they want with no repercussion.

  9. Everyone should know not to hang their hat where their hand can not reach. Unless you are an invalid – you SHOULD ALSO KNOW that your rent or mortgage is of utmost priority. If you can not afford an item – leave it alone it’s that simple.

  10. you know what i hate about certain stores ? when they telling you about no refund, you might have the bill they not refunding you

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