Saint Lucia Continues the Marketing Drive

PRESS RELEASE:-(Thursday, 28 September 2017) Capitalizing upon the successes of this summer’s Saint Lucia Showcase- North America, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority ably assisted by Minister for Tourism Honorable Dominic Fedee, has followed up on the increased interest in the destination with a number of media activities. Over the last few weeks, the SLTB has been engaged in a promotional drive with a major US network via a series of interviews showcasing Saint Lucia. Aired on ABC Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend Show, this month the Minister was the featured guest on the show’s Elite Travel segment along with CEO for the award-winning Elite Travel, Tammy Levent.

During the interview, the Minister took the opportunity to promote the island as a choice destination with a wide range of attractions. The United States continues to be one of the largest source markets for the island and is showing promising growth in 2017. The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority’s recently released July 2017 visitor arrival figures show a 14 % increase in the US stay over arrivals. Speaking about the beauty and diversity of the island, Minister Fedee remarked: “I don’t think anyone can tell you about Saint Lucia or any photograph depict its true beauty… You just have to go, you just have to feel it…”

CEO of Elite Travel, Tammy Levent, also took time to highlight the variety of properties available to fit the needs of vacationers. Ms. Levent commented on the warmth and beauty of the people and how it adds to the appeal of the destination saying: “everyone makes you feel welcome… it is not one of those destinations where you are nervous about where to go or what to do, we encourage you to leave the property… there is just so much that the island has to offer.”

The full interview click here


  1. Smh Tammy was the one naming all the specific locations in St.Lucia who is not even not a lucian.Compared to Minister Fedee who couldn’t name any specific destination all he could to is spit out some stats about cruise ships and infinity pools. I think the PM could of done a better job to honest mr fedee doesnt have to charisma to do this type of thing

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