Saint Lucia Cop In Viral Assault Video Charged

A police officer has been charged in relation to an assault on a male civilian in Vieux Fort, according to a statement released by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) Monday.

The statement identified the officer as Rayian Clerice, noting that he was charged on Friday, July 26, 2019.

He was granted bail on his own recognizance for the charge of Assault, contrary to Section 426 of the Criminal Code, the statement disclosed. 

The police statement on the arrest and laying of assault charges against Officer Clerice quoted Section 426 of the Criminal Code as stating in regard to Assault on summary convictions, that “A person who unlawfully assaults any other person is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $1,000, or to imprisonment for one year.

Earlier this month , a video was posted on social media of a uniformed officer hitting a handcuffed civilian with a cutlass while the suspect was on his knees, prompting an outcry on social media.

Two other officers were shown in the recording that went viral.

According to the police, on Wednesday July 10, 2019 about 9:30 a.m. law enforcement officials received information in relation to the assault with the cutlass in Vieux Fort, prompting an immediate investigation.

The police said the officer was immediately sent on leave.


  1. Justice hasnt being done still a 1000 dollars for dat really taking advantage on a handcuffed man dats not fair smfh

  2. What happened to his colleagues who were also a part of the assault? While I applaud the authorities for taking action against the police officer, it is my opinion that his companions were just as culpable as they did nothing to discourage their colleague from carrying out the assault. They should be made to share some portion of blame and should not go scott free. A strong message should be sent out to law enforcement officers that they are by no means above the law and this kind of behaviour is absolutely unacceptable.

    • Well said !Slap on the wrist. All parties involved should have been held accountable TO SEND THE RIGHT MESSAGE but look what the did instead this is St Lucia police officers don’t go to jail they do this everyday and nothing happens even kill people but this sucker HE GOT CAUGHT ON VIDEO so they had to do something but just imagine if he never did it would have been business as usual .

  3. Compliments to the st.Lucia Royal police force for dealing with this matter with emmidate action need to deal with other out standing cases with this same approach is hi we start enforcing the laws


  5. How I searching fb for mate pic I eh seeing it somebody help me out deh since they eh want to show his face on tv

  6. Absolutely, he needs to be charged. His assault upon a helpless detainee should not be left unpunished.

  7. Yeah , everybody laughing and every body glad; a police has been charged! it seems that we have a lot of judges in d land; why do one have to agree or disagree with one’s opinion? Why not post your own? we would like to know yours also!

  8. Interesting. The person who said ‘am a police too’ don’t know when to use am and I’m. How did you get in the force? You semi illiterate jackass!!

  9. Sad to see all the comments condemning a cop who may have served exceptionally well in the past! You all focus on this one incident and ready to hang the guy- a guy who probably has been under paid, under appreciated and has been protecting you! I do not condone his behavior but we need to learn to understand what caused him to act in such an inhumane way. There are bigger crimes that are committed by the heavy rollers within our government and you do not condemn them online neither publicly. I personally would rather see 1 politician be charged or dismissed for corruption, mismanagement of funds, nepotism, lying, lewd behavior, fraud, forgery etc etc.

    Time to act!

  10. It’s ridiculous how the people who are supposed to be setting the example are acting like gangsters themselves , where is the discipline? from the look of things the police force is a gang.why wasn’t the other two charged also because they are accessory to the crime they should have pull up their colleague instead they went along with his assault on the helpless man who was already handcuffed this is a disgrace to the force . I strongly believe that measures should be put in place to not have a repetition of such an act. The law should be more firm on them because they are supposed to know better and set an example.From the look of things I have realized that majority of our police officers have been victims of bullying and so they join the force just to get back at people who had bullied them in the past.Cowards getting sheltered under the umbrella of the police force.police brutality is destroying the relationship between police and civilians…

  11. The victim or the family can’t sue the police force? Cuz I haven’t heard of that being done

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