Saint Lucia Cops Hunt Escapees From COVID-19 Quarantine

At least two individuals who arrived here Friday from Martinique and were immediately put in quarantine out of concern that may have contracted COVID-19, have escaped from the facility where they were being kept.

Confirmation came from National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis who said he believed about two persons had fled.

Francis spoke in an exclusive interview with St Lucia Times.

He warned the escapees that the police would get them and served notice to persons who harbour the escapees that they are putting themselves at risk and can be arrested under the Quarantine Act.

“I want to tell Saint Lucians, especially those who have left the compound, that the police will leave no stone un-turned in getting them,” the Minister asserted.

He made it clear that when they are found, they will not be returned to the hotel.

Francis said those escapees will be taken to a ‘prison facility’ at Custody Suites where they will remain until it can be verified that they do not have COVID-19.

A viral video of a young man jumping the fence of what was identified as the Starfish Hotel in the north of the island which is serving as a quarantine site, was posted on social media.

The National Security Minister described the escapes as ‘depressing’.

He said the government had acted responsibly by actually getting a hotel facility for the persons who returned here from Martinique Friday.

The former Deputy Police Commissioner disclosed that Saint Lucia was expecting 135 Saint Lucian returnees.

However he explained that when this country’s Consul General in Martinique, Joanna Salton, told them about the immediate quarantine upon reaching home, 45 decided they would stay on the French speaking Island.

“Ninety-three came. We brought them to the hotel and all of a sudden last night some people wanted to jump the fence and were doing all sort of things – refusing to stay in their rooms and creating problems,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

The Minister said the quarantine measure was implemented for the good of all Saint Lucians.

“We could have closed our borders. We had to beg and cajole the French authorities because remember, France has closed its borders and so it took a lot of persuasion from the government and the Prefect in Martinique to be able to arrange that sort of trip, and for us to behave that way as Saint Lucians – it’s a shame,” Francis lamented.

“We are not going to tolerate it. Wherever we have to go and look for the rest, we will arrest them and they will be put in custody suites,” he promised.

Francis, the Minister of Health, the Acting Police Commissioner, the Chief Medical Officer and other officials were at the scene Saturday morning where the persons escaped from quarantine.

He said the authorities have passports and would make a thorough check to determine who are the escapees.


    • “He said the authorities have passports and WOULD MAKE A THOROUGH CHECK TO DETERMINE WHO ARE THE ESCAPEES.”

  1. They should their….. Wherever they were some st.lucians to hard headed giving the police more work smh.

    • Common sense people u can be more at risk being in large groups . Security minister is talking s*** whereby he himself contaminating more ppl cuz of the way the system in st.lucia doing things . Ppl can self isolate themselves at home n if they have a symptom they can report to authorities

      • Wendel dont talk shit there, they will never stay home, 6month in jail they would get and if infected 4 to 5 ,

      • Boss they don’t and that’s a risky thing with that group. If they won’t do it by force you thi k they will willingly

      • Ppl really stupid after things so hard they trying to keep us safe and ppl getti g on for that if they didn’t do it ppl would be stupid and getting on grow up it’s not possible to give 5 star living for 2 weeks , after half of them leave island and forgetting their roots now ppl want to act like we just have to take urll bk do 14vdays for the safety of your friends and family smh

  2. minister let me help you because your speaking garbage. first they should be return to quarantine at star fish and you should have police place round the boarders of the hotel. so if 40 persons escape you would put all at custody suites to do what infect police and prisoners smh so u spreading the virus then smh i think you need to think before you speak not to bright

      • really so what you suggest put them among prisoners and police to infect persons smh you a fool a damn fool

    • they should be shot on sight. they obviously have no regard and gratitude for the taxpaying ppl of this country whose money is being used to ensure that they are being taken care of

  3. TIME TO PULL OUT THE LOLO BEFF: are you surprised? it’s the mentality of some people.
    They don’t give a damn, it is me, mine and myself that’s all. If you catch them, I personally would
    like the opportunity to administer fifty lashes of Lolo Beff on the bare back side just to teach them who’s boss.

  4. Their Names .photos and Address Should be Shown on Hts.Dbs.Choice TV and Ntn .So the Entire Nation would know who they are .Any information pass on to the police as to their Whereabouts both of them Should be Shot on Sight

  5. instead of releasing the name of the hotel you should have revealed their names so that the public would turn them in. No one at this time would harbor a potential carrier of the virus.

  6. They put you in a hotel by your self in a room with tv and wifi and a shower and you have clothes…you getting food…where in the f are you going to…

    I believe both of those fools had drugs and needed to get it out a deh..

    day bun kooyon…mal chien…the reason why we lucians will be at risk…

  7. Well then I didn’t know that so any french Nationals were on island and too if the authorities were not transparent enough the cat have suddenly leapt out of the bag now we know starfish

  8. Thats it i support 100%… make sure they are imprisoned too…and release their names…they are the same ones saying who want to come back to St. Lucia when they are in a foreign land..arrest them!!! for the good of the nation..

  9. Correction do no put them with the other prisoners.. build a make-shift shack for them among the Bordelais..nonsense!!!

  10. I strongly believe that those individuals who escaped don’t value their lives and others, I’d arrest them because they knew they would be quarantined once arrived they probably are the ones with the virus, aimed on spreading. I’d shot them stubborn mules

    • RAT ISLAND WAS THE FIRST CHOICE AND IT WAS THE BEST. PROVIDED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is why Chastanet’s test came back negative. No one can take away what the Lord has approved.

  11. I don’t like the way we handling this situation, it appears that we have bitten off more than we can chew. What a mess

  12. This is a pandemic. The full names and address of those who do this must be released so that the public can protect themselves. This has nothing to do with human rights. We are now dealing with aglobal threat, where we must suspend civil liberties. the message should be that anyone who does this will be publicised fully, including their age range as well. This must be done. There is now 40 people with this in Trinidad, although our media late in the coverage.

  13. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and Lucians behave like uncivilized animals. The minister is right in saying that they will not be returned to starfish if caught. You were there, you escaped, mete chou yo custody suits

  14. You cannot blame these people when more educated people like attorneys and service industry reps are talking so much foolishness on tv

  15. This person who took the video saying it’s a french man are u sure read the news pls before u point fingers

  16. These Nigga’s must die. Public beating, I say. Thousands of us at risk because two greedy Nigga’s think about them first. Catch them call no police keep quiet, and tie rope to feet and to car bumper and drag this $hit to Castries.
    This is absolute disaster.

  17. Release names and pictures, this is basically attempted murder if they have it and if they do they get no Medical help or assistance.

  18. All u idiots with those inhumane responses, for once just place yourselves in the shoes of those fearful individuals…yes they are wrong but all of those brainless responses justifies that you all are as scared as they are…think before your verbal diarrhoea.

  19. As far as I am concerned this is a crime against the state. Putting people’s health at risk. These guys should be dealt with the long arm of the law.

  20. Using bureaucracy to justify ill treatment of your fellow man has always been employed by the weak in society…

  21. Unfortunately, this is the sort of behavior that the people of Martinique experience over and over again.

  22. If they want to escape and put other people’s lives in jeopardy, then shoot they ass when found no questions ask. Just shoot them because they may have something to hide. I am sick and tired of lucians luke myself acting a fool. Shoot all of them

  23. One of them is Y****** D********* who went on a bus to Dennery. The b8888 was selfish enough to put all these people at risk because of her stupidity. I hope.both of their a**** land in jail good and proper. You cannot be allowed to jeopardize the nation’s health like that and get away with it.

  24. The perimeter has to be patroled constantly from inside and outside we have to many dumb people amongst us ,but the police has their pasports You have to publish the names of these idiots so the whole country can know who they are

  25. Once these people escaped you all had to post their names so that the public can be aware of who they are instead of posting the name of the hotel. They are putting other people’s lives in jeopardy, when they are caught they must be given severe penalty. The facility should of been under tight security you all have to think ahead and to be more knowledgeable and proactive,…non-sense.

  26. Wow, Ministers if your’ll need extra policing help please get it because we black people are very stubborn. The inmates at Custody Suites are hungry!!! It will be their worse nightmare there. But you cannot put the prison officers life at risk, they have families to go home too. Find another solution for these 2 AH!!!!!!

  27. You are absolutely right… they should allow the public to help in identifying them. These idiots don’t understand how serious this virus is? This can potentially wipe out the majority of St. Lucia. We don’t have the facility and staff to handle such a situation. They should have left these fools in Martinique.
    Post their photos on every media source and allow the public to help. And for those who may want to harbor them, or are already harboring them…shame on you!!! Think of the older citizens…or those who have breathing problems…and those who simply have low immune systems…. Stop being a**holes and do the right thing. Stop being selfish and pigheaded…
    The authorities may not have thought this whole thing out to a T….but who has? Bigger countries are still figuring it out….efforts to curve the spread will sometimes cause more spreading…but at least they’re doing something. It’s easy to criticize when you’re not the one who has to deal with a potential disaster of such magnitude.

  28. Felicia Brown should be at home contributing to the national cause and not stuck in a room somewhere avoiding the virus and instigating trouble and criticism of law enforcement and health officials.

  29. Those people who escape quarantine deserve to be killed by the police if they attempt to leave without permission to do so. By their unauthorized departure, it can be construed that failure to prevent their leaving can put an entire population at risk of death and or destroy an already fragile economy. Drastic times call for drastic actions. We cannot afford a situation as exist in Italy, china and the other hard hit Corona virus countries.

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