Saint Lucia Cops Seize Almost 100 Illegal Guns So Far For 2020

Saint Lucia police seized three illegal guns during a Gros Islet operation Friday, bringing to almost 100 the number of illegal weapons confiscated so far this year, it has been disclosed.

The disclosure came from police spokeswoman, Anne Joseph, at a news conference Friday.

Joseph told reporters that in addition to the some 100 illegal guns, police have also recovered over 1, 200 rounds of ammunition.

She explained that the most recent seizures came during a joint operation involving the Gros Islet CID, officers of the Special Service Unit (SSU) and other police departments.

According to Joseph, police searched two homes in Cas en Bas, Gros Islet on Friday when three illegal guns and a quantity of ammunition were recovered.

She told reporters that in one of the residences, police found a Taurus 9 mm pistol, a Glock pistol, 95 rounds of .40 ammunition, 10 magazines and 10 rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

A male and a female were arrested in connection with that discovery.

“In the second home, one 9 mm pistol and 10 rounds of 9 mm ammunition were also recovered,” the police spokeswoman disclosed.

She revealed that four persons were arrested – both male and female.

“No one has been charged as yet, but we are expecting in short order for the officers to do so,” Joseph told reporters.




  1. Did these firearms and ammunition previously belong to the police? I am reading that they were RECOVERED. My understanding is to recover anything you must have had previous ownership of it. Police press office here is some words for FREE. Confiscate, Seize, Found, Took Possession Of, and the list goes on and on and on. Cpl Ann Joseph we are in 2020. Thank you guys.

  2. How many weapons were seized is only half of the story. Tell us about what happened to the culprits who had them. That would make feel a little safer. Are they back on the streets avoiding earlier mistakes?

    • It would be in order to get an update from the Police/Minister for Nat’l Security on whether or not the imposition of visa restrictions on Venezuelans has addressed goverment’s ‘fears’/pronouncements that the guns were coming from Venezuela.

      If there has not been a decrease, then why not remove the visa restrictions; uh! Why not?

  3. Thanks for the update but do not just tell us how many firearms have been taken off the streets, you should also tell us how many of these firearms are linked to any of the homicides that have been committed in St Lucia. The job is not complete just because the fire arms are seized. Homicides upon homicides in St Lucia remain without any arrests or charges laid.

  4. Most of these Firearms have been involved in Fatal Shootings .How many Firearms Recovered from So called Criminas Have been Sent to the Balistic Expert for Baistic Tests .The Firearms are placed in an Evidence bag Sealed and Presented as Evidence at the Courts .After the Case have been Delt with .The Weapon Returns to the Armory and that’s it

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