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Updated on July 7, 2020 7:49 am
Updated on July 7, 2020 7:49 am
Updated on July 7, 2020 7:49 am

Saint Lucia Could Ditch Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority

Saint Lucia could ditch the Antigua-based Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA), according to this country’s Civil Aviation Minister, Guy Joseph.

Citing what he said are challenges which Saint Lucia continues to have with the authority, Joseph told reporters Monday that a number of airlines are encountering difficulties in acquiring requisite licences.

“Presently with my  department we are working on a couple of areas where if an American based airline wants to operate in Saint Lucia, they would need certified TSA persons to do their baggage handling and things of that nature,” the Saint Lucia minister disclosed.

He observed that it’s  one of the problems at the George Charles airport that the authorities are trying to rectify.

“There are  a couple of airlines and there is one airline that was already providing service to St Croix  and these places, and because of the challenges they were facing had ceased operations, but have recommenced operations and we are  also in discussion with them to get a 40 seater to run at least between Saint Lucia all the way up to  Jamaica,” the Civil Aviation Minister stated.

He said local authorities are working on obtaining the requisite licences.

Joseph recalled that some time ago,  Saint Lucia announced  that if it could not get matters rectified through ECCAA, it would consider pulling out of the organisation and aligning itself with another agency offering the same service.

“We have not ruled this off the table completely,” he declared.

However he explained that local authorities are working as best as they can to resolve matters.

Joseph told reporters that “quite a few airline people”  who have shown interest in Saint Lucia continue to visit his office highlighting the challenges they face in obtaining a licence from ECCAA.

” I can tell you that when I see other Islands having four airlines with licences on some occasions and Saint Lucia has so much difficulty. There are all kinds of issues being raised to get a licence to operate an airline from Saint Lucia and we do not intend to continue to be held hostage,” Joseph asserted.


    • I wonder who these airline people are seeking licenses….Chastanet, Guy and their chronies like Butch Stewart. That is why they are refusing to put any money in Liat.

  1. UWP Administration if you say you boss, go on remove from the regional organization. I will say no more until you clowns from ALLEN Administration tell the people of the pros and cons of doing so.

  2. Leave the ECCAA only benefitting Antigua and that rubbish LIAT . Set up our own civil Aviation Authority and control our own destiny.

  3. Is the a problem with certification? Let us maintain some standards! But is this the real problem?

  4. I, believe that the best plausible thing to do is to leave,ECCA,and join with Trinidad.One really have to be around the industry to understand what is really happening.In the interest of Antigua, and Liat,no other airlines will get the license to ply the northern Caribbean, simply because they will compete with Liat.Look at what happens with Mr.Ernest,with his small aircrafts,he was literally forced out of business.He was given clearance to fly by ECCA,with the intention that he wouldn’t have been able to land again.Is that right?. Having realize that his airplane was registered in the United States, they had no choice but to allow him to land again.Speak with Silvanus Ernest and he’ll give you all the details,when it comes to ECCA,and you’ll get to understand how bias and dangerous they are.Its,my humble view and opinion that, ECCA, must go.

  5. St. Lucia will soon pull out of every OECS authority not hosted in St. Lucia. Good riddance.

  6. LIAT is a money graveyard good riddance . Allot of other airlines can replace it.Even a st lucian based airline .

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