Friday, September 30, 2022

Saint Lucia Court Hands Down Conviction In Landmark Sex Abuse Case

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In a landmark sexual abuse case, a court here  this week handed down a conviction some twenty years after an employee of a local learning institution sexually abused boys and girls under his care.

The law does not allow the identification of the perpetrator or the publication of information that could identify the victims.

But  one of the female victims, now an adult, testified in court against the perpetrator.

As a result, he  was convicted on charges of carnal knowledge and remanded in custody for sentencing in May this year.

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The court heard that the man, suspended by the learning institution while the investigation was underway, committed the unlawful acts in 1999 and 2000.

Police arrested him in May 2018.

Sources have told St Lucia Times that the unprecedented conviction should send a strong message to people who prey on children.

They say the outcome of the case is an indication that there’s no statute of limitations and that years later, an individual who becomes an adult can cause the police to investigate someone who sexually abused them as a child.

According to one source, people who sexually abuse children should not think that the passage of time would make them safe from prosecution.


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  1. The law was made to hide the identity of anyone not tried in court and found guilty for a reason–go back in history. The rich and wealthy colonialist who committed crime were more protected because they could have afforded very good representation in the courts–meaning their identity had much better chances to be withheld since their “team” of attorneys/ lawyers/ judges/ police were well paid! This is the reason that the system is the way it is- to protect prominent criminals at all cost. The poor man on the other hand even though his identity is kept secret stood a lesser chance of being vindicated due to “lack of links” in the system, so eventually and once convicted the law allows for his identity to be revealed to the masses. This case is a strange one because although convicted, this article is stated that his identity is protected–This is pure corruption and a perfect example of why crime will always always ..i say always prevail due to legal practitioners’ inability to understand societal ills!!!!!!

  2. If it was an ordinary Joe blow you’ll would his name and picture all over social media. You’ll to bias

  3. This law has past its time and needs amending. One should forfeit thier right to not be identified once found guilty of said crime. It floors me that we even have such a law on the books. Very archaic….only in St. Lucia, Sad, very sad.

  4. If the criminal names is released people will try to figure out or guess who the victims are. Which may be the reason for withholding the names.

    • Aren’t people already guessing? yol need to stop supporting rubbish. Crime is everyone’s business not not just for those in law and law enforcement– imagine there may be more victims other than those that appear in court. Your sister, friend, jabal, nephew couldve have been victims by association with this pig but you may never know until a name is revealed. Sad sad sad!

  5. The piece of trash has been convicted, now is the time to publish his name so that he can bear the shame that society casts on him…and it will send a strong message to others…

  6. Something yet so serious is taken as a joke by withholding the identity of the perpetrator. I firmly believe the legal system is not to prevent crime but a means to falsely act like some seemingly just decisions are being made about the situation.

  7. Great news. To all those girls and boys who have been sexually abused over the years, now is your time to seek Justice. To the abusers I say your deeds will catch up with you so be mindful. Leave the kids alone. This case is the best thing that could have happened to Saint Lucia at tins time. Stop the abuse of our kids!!!

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