Saint Lucia Curfew to be Completely Lifted as of Friday, July 10

The Saint Lucia curfew will be completely lifted as of Friday, July 10, 2020, it has been announced.

The announcement came Monday night.

That’s when Prime Minister  Allen Chastanet, Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George provided an updated COVID-19 response to the nation.

“As of July 10 we no longer will have curfew hours in Saint Lucia,” Chastanet disclosed on the National Television Network (NTN).

The Prime Minister also announced other measures to come into place as of July 10.

They include the reopening of cinemas with proper protocols, the reopening of childhood development centres with protocols and the allowing of sports tournaments and contact sports with protocols for spectators.

Chastanet said the total number of persons who will be allowed is 200, regardless of how large the sports facility is.

He explained that the attendees will be required to observe social distancing.

Chastanet said that the yachting sector will reopen with strict protocols.

“In essence what we are doing right now is all the yachts that currently are in the bubble of about 24 countries in the Caribbean, once they have been in those locations for 14 days they will be allowed to come into the country without going through a quarantine,” he stated.

However the former Tourism Minister made it clear that when they come in, whatever marine spots they will be in, their personnel will be inspected, their temperatures taken and medical staff will be on site at the mooring locations to continually assess the visitors while they are here.

In regard to the reopening of Saint Lucia’s borders, Chastanet said it has been the single most difficult decision he has had to make during his four years in office.

He said he was grateful for the support of the command centre team and thanked his cabinet colleagues who helped to share the burden of the decision as to when and how to reopen the borders.




  1. Mr PM you and Belmar George should have already open all businesses in St lucia as of early June. With no community spread for weeks and borders open June 04 local businesses should have been operating fully.
    Sporting facilities, Cinemas and the Yatching sectors are the last sets of businesses to open and you open them simultanously with international borders. Does that makes sense to you Bemar-George or PM? Trinidad cinemas opened weeks ago. Puerto cinemas opened weeks ago and others that still had community spread. You two are too hard on our citizens and what I see is that you only want to look good at the expense of the people. The last phase should have open June 04. Power does feels good, aint it? To have people at y’all mercy begging & crying but it will only be done at y’all own terms and conditions. I am watching like a hawk and a snake.

  2. I myself Marleen thinks the Prime Minister did a good job looking after the People of St.Lucia God bless him

  3. Take caution pm … Be careful with the toursim sector you love so much . neighboring martinique is still on alert . Wats the rush to re open .. Hopefully fauna and flora will thrive again

  4. From Friday St.Lucia will be back on the News party .party Time .Crime .Crime Crime and No Arrest .The police have their work cut out for them

  5. Saddam hopefully you will help the police fight crime . give them info be patriotic . also encourage your family to be law abiding citizens . be a crime fighter but not a doer…

    • Been awhile since the Church has directed the government into what God is saying is the right thing to do. Guess tradition has taken over the pulpit. I pray for the Righteous Right Hand of God to keep us.

  6. I rather err on the side of caution than to be sorry later; if it ever be that you are sorry,
    think that some 100,000 of the population will also express their sorrow, and I pity you.
    I know you mean well and you are under pressure, and I thank God He has blessed
    us with great expertise in the medical field,but don’t gamble.Go very slowly God is good

  7. With the borders open from 10th July there’s no justication for a state of emergeny.

    The stupid story about having it in place for thr Cuban team, no longer holds. The Cuban team has been here for months – licenses would long be put in place for them. I would hate to believe that the relevant Councils processing licenses are that incompetent.

    Cut the crap; remove that SOE.

  8. We have to continue with our lives” but it just doesn’t mean we have to move forward without consideration’ I believe we have to continue to protect our selfs seriously until this is all behind us🚶😷

  9. Test the waters for now, only open to a selected few Caribbean countries for now then you can spread your wings more and more after

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