Saint Lucia Declares Water Emergency

Saint Lucia has declared a water related emergency with effect from Monday, May 18, 2020.

Agriculture Minister Ezechiel Joseph made the order Friday on the advice of the Water Resource Management Agency.

The order noted that based on the advice, the Minister is satisfied that an ‘exceptional shortage of rain or a serious deficiency of supplies of water exists or is threatened.’

The water related emergency will remain in effect until further notice.

The order prohibits the use of water from the pipes of the Water and Sewerage Company Inc. (WASCO) for a  number of purposes.

They include washing a vehicle using a hose, watering a lawn, hedge, garden, farm, ground and recreational field, as well as pressure washing a house using a hose or watering a roadway, pavement, garage or path.

Using water from the pipes of WASCO for concrete mixing and block making.

Filing a swimming pool or filling a leaking or overflowing storage tank are also prohibited, along with an activity that may require the use of a considerable or excessive quantity of water.

A person who contravenes subsection one of the order commits an offence.

According to the document, such an individual is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding $3,000, or a term of imprisonment not exceeding 6 months or to both, and to a further fine not exceeding $50 for each day during which the contravention continues.


  1. Well now Wasco Vavle Men Happy .They will Do more S*** in Distributing Water to Needy people

  2. PM and labour minister King..let’s revive the economy and open up the construction sector! Ezekiel…I declare a water emergency and wasco water shall not be used for concrete mixing!!!! Yol mofos need to atleast know what each other is doing..c’mon!

    • Well the construction sector will have to wait for rain water from passing tropical waves to use for concrete mixing or use desalinated water. We spinning top in mud.

    • You’ll want to reopen the country for business. I hope all the swimming pools at all the hotels on island are kept empty during this water emergency and all capital projects are put on hold cause concrete have to mix.

    • Like seriously this isn’t the first time wasco has declared a water emergency it has happened before so why getting on this way. My goodness at times it feel like only children with no understanding amd reasoning commenting

      • Hey Jack @s^2…when was the last time we had both a state of emergency and a water emergency at the same time! Trust me we all have a good grip of the situation at hand. You on the other hand are clearly missing the salient points here by accusing us of lack of good reasoning. By this article and if can read, don’t you think the much praised construction sector will take a hit? If you do don’t then you are a true Jack!

      • Hey Jack, did you just feel like making a point? I have read the comments made before yours and I wonder what are you posting about. I fail to see how the comments made before yours is “getting on this way”. Next time read carefully otherwise you …

  3. Prophecies from my Heavenly Father God.
    While the authorities have stopped even your own freedoms and movement, they have been busy putting their own agendas in place. I too have been busy refining my own for this time, a time of tribulation. I have prepared and taught my saints all things, my spirit resides in them. I have called thee, and you have listened, I have spoken nd you have obeyed. Today’s trials shall strengthen thee for your tears have reached the Heavens. I am the “Breath of life”, I am the “Light of the World”, my light shines brightly upon thee. I am the “Beacon of Truth”, you have spoken this truth. I am the “Lion of Judah”, my words have been on your lips. Speak now, proclaim my Glory to the multitudes, these are days of sorrows.
    The mighty shall be humbled with the sound of my name, my judgement comes to the wicked. Their hands are soaked in the blood of the innocents. Go forth; speak boldly, for now is the appointed time!

    Repent; Be still and know that he is the Lord.
    Credit to Shomrim Ben Yashua.

  4. You all need to set the example. Government vehicles are being washed with a hose. Yes in from the P.Ms office building. So what you are talking about. It is on camera. So who would listen to you. Come on set the example.

    • Wasco declares a water emergency cuz there is a drought that now becomes a political issue. When will slp jus wait to vote the guys out and relax. If the general public feel that way the results will show but relax

      • To Jack. Yes we have reasons to get on. Lucians have been paying dredging fees for years, yet wasco talking about silt left behind during hurricane Tomas which happened 10 years ago. Why didn’t they hire a company with the expertise to handle the job. Droughts are yearly occurrences, we all understand that. Again wasco has been collecting data for the past 6 years. The findings indicated that every year between May to July/August water output from rivers and rainfall are at it’s lowest. Why didn’t wasco see it fitting to plan ahead and increase on their water storage capacity by building extra storage tanks so when water collection is at it’s lowest they already have measures in place to provide water to the general public which in turn reduces the strain on the dam with 10 years worth of silt.

      • You so used to accepting mediocrity anything politicians do is okay. Sad. Use water you pay wasco. Don’t use water you still pay them. This is a wasco tax. Taxation without representation.

  5. SLP uwp in war for policies being made and put it place in St Lucia. I’m a St Lucian I have seen both parties are in war with each other. I would like to know when it will stop blaming each other people stop letting politians brain washed you all think for yourself.

  6. I think that Ezekiel and the management if Waco should be fired. In a country where our rivers had life and flowing deep in may areas are now running dry. This means to say none of these so called educated morans have ideas to create catchment areas or blocked off areas greater depth? Or how about ensuring tters are left growing at the river banks to ensure a fishing habitat and deep water areas.
    The places where water would be well over my head are no deeper than my ankles. If people are not getting results, why do we have them in decision making positions earning a quick salary. What are they being paid for.

  7. I’m laughing and having fun reading your comments and casting blame on each other side of the political divide. I’m wondering where in St Lucia do you people live, surely not from the same place with me cause I have a water emergency from after Tomas.

  8. We need to spend our money building another Dam and more storage facilities,Hotels need to build desalination plants for all their swiming pools,to keep their tourists happy,and we have to save water in a proper way.

  9. WASCO…there is a water main break in the Morne/Goodlands area from Saturday…I have been calling…last call was about 10:00pm….this morning Sunday I am calling again….awa we …and you say we have a state of emergency…
    water is a precious commodity…
    do something water is wasteing

    • Or should there also be a fine for WASCO not addressing breakage lines within a time frame of a breakage report?…i watch wasco workers came to the assistance of a broken line after four days of calling and when they arrive they realize it was beyond someone,s meter and left within a minute without addressing the issue.

  10. Until this government and any others in future make rehabilitation of rivers a priority across this island, we will continue on this path. water is life. bad agricultural practices that clear land near river catchments must be stopped. in their place, there should be trees planted to prevent soil erosion. there should be officers visiting these areas to make sure that laws are not being broken. the sand-mining from the rivers should be outlawed too. and heavy fines must be imposed on rule breakers. native species including river fish that has lost their habitats must be replaced. vehicles must be prevented from driving inside rivers to prevent further pollution. environmental degradation is why we in such a mess.

  11. Honestly Wasco has been more incompetent than many of the statutory ogranizations this government has closed. Why not privatize Wasco? i think people are willing to pay more money if the service is better and more reliable no ?

  12. We always cry no water till the heavy rains begin and all wanting it start complaining …Wasco in a reel life u can build more implants for water Storage than rely on one source…That’s the problem we so mediocre and uncivilize..Always blaming each other rather than fix the Problem..Every new year brings new catastrophic events let’s be ready when it comes…Start initiating and put action to work ……

  13. As soon as the rain comes we forget about all the emergencies then we let a whole year go by with out spending a cent,till we reach the next emergency.This is our disastrous way of handling our water issues

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