Saint Lucia, Dominica Assist Martinique In Its COVID-19 Battle

Saint Lucia and Dominica have come to the assistance of Martinique in its battle against COVID-19, by supplying much needed medication to the French-speaking Island.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said he has since received a thank you letter from the President of the Martinique Executive Council – Alfred Marie-Jeanne.

He explained that Martinique hospitals had run short of a particular medicine.

The PM said Saint Lucia had the medicine in storage.

He noted that both Dominica and Saint Lucia made a significant contribution.

Chastanet thanked the Ministry of Health here for what he described as the ‘incredible generousity’ shown to Martinique.

“It is very heartwarming that Saint Lucia would be in  a position to help out our friends in Martinique, particularly in the area of health,” he observed.

Chastanet recalled that Martinique has demonstrated incredible generousity and support to Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians over many years.

“It is really gratifying on our part that we were able to support them at this juncture,” he said.

The head of health at the OECS, Doctor Carlene Radix said the number of COVID-19 patients in Martinique and Guadeloupe have been significantly higher than those in the English speaking Caribbean countries.

“They did have a significant burden of patients in intensive care,” Radix told the National Television Network (NTN) during a telephone interview.

She disclosed that Martinique was running out of a ‘specific medication’ which she did not name.

She said the medication was needed to treat the patients.

According to Radix, Saint Lucia and Dominica quickly volunteered to use what they had in supply which would be replenished once Martinique receives supplies again from France.

“It was a really significant contribution and our colleagues in Martinique were grateful,” the OECS official stated.



    • My only take on this is that the PM is once again playing cheap politics. You donated a little bit of medicine to a Sister country that is always assisting us (and not making any big publicity about it) and you have to boast. I have search Dominica news sites and Dominicans seem to be hearing from St.Lucia PM that their country assisted. Now I know some hacks will come for me for making these points but I remind them since many proclaim to be Christians (though hypocritically) that the good book speaks of the left hand not knowing what the right hand does. You all remember?

  1. St .Lucia Dont have Enough and giving out what we have .The French Medical Shitstem is Better than the English Speaking Countries .Unemployed Persons Receive a pay check Monthly

    • We don’t have enough medication? In case you have forgotten the country who assist us in relief and rescue efforts…we can’t always be taking from them. A significant number of our citizens rely on this French shitstem.

    • @B … only if you KNOW what medication was given to our Martiniquan neighbour (in generousity), then you should open your fingers on the keyboard to comment. If you don’t KNOW … Shut up! Keep your fingers away from the keyboard.

  2. Make sure you all have enough left in stock for you all own use. you can never be to sure when the tides will turn and we will need it big time. we are independent islands. we on our own. everyone else have problems they will not be quick to aid anyone. so before sending tons of things over make sure you all self well stocked. this is not being cold, but i am a realist.

      • The ignorance of some people .if you have nothing good to say just shut up .so much assistance we have received from our neighbouring Brothers and sister’s free of charge .when this pandemic broke out Cuba sent over 100 doctors to our sweet st.lucia they have assisted us with FREE eye care FREE medication for years give thanks to the Cubans .if we can give back let us do so…one love

    • Chainy do you know the number of times Martinique has assisted us.. like seriously..that was a very selfish and inhumane statement.

    • @Chainy … shut up! For goodness sake, shut up! Keep your fingers away from the keyboard – please.

  3. Chainy, you just greedy and selfish, remember the man who sh%t out ah road doesn’t remember, but the one who step in the stench never forget.
    That very Martinique who you so damn stingy toward has lots of Lucians making a living there, it may have to be used on your very fellow St.Lucians, when you see your neighbor house on fire wet yours you greedy low down dog.

  4. Bravo to 758 for assisting Martinique. So many times they have saved our sick citizens and we have several of our people residing there. Blessings

  5. Hey People, why are you all allowing politicians to fill you ask so?
    What medication are they using to treat Covid-19?
    Turret are no present medication or vaccine for the virus.
    Martinique only had 270 Cases with 77 recovered so far and 14 related deaths.
    The only thing being used for serious cases is the ventilator and St. Lucia can’t help the French island with this.
    Chastenet, tell the people what medication you help Martinique with. We tired of your lies. That’s why You will always be caned tropical Trump.

    • Facilitator, there is no medication specifically to cure or prevent the virus, but the people don’t just lie in intensive care all day drinking water. There’s still a need for antibiotics, fever reducers, pain reducers, etc and whatever complications they may have. Do your research before making such comments!

      • Some people will just be haters regardless if the truth slap them smack in the face. Go to CNN and you will see a new report published yesterday which shows that 88%of Covid deaths in the USA were persons on ventilators so saying ventilators save lives might be the furthest thing from the truth. Facilitator it’s your right to hate the man but don’t try to make everything he does look like the worst thing that could ever happen after Satan.

    • @ Facilitator … Do you have any idea WHAT medication St Lucia was able to assist Martinique with? Maybe it is blood thinners, or maybe asthma medications, who know? If you KNOW what you talking about, then OK. But apparently you don’t, so keep your fingers away from the keyboard, and put your brain in the proper gear it’s supposed to be in – “I” for Intelligent. Sakway Tonneh!

  6. Kudos to st lucia and Dominica for coming to the alde of sister Martinique in such times.. Which reiterates the saying, a friend in need, is a friend indeed.. But what medicine did st lucia & Dominica donate to our French sister neighbor, is it Bush medicine??? (Cemmeh contwa)… just curious.. Don’t come 4 me pls… 😁

  7. 1. covid-19 isnt the only sickness out there.
    2. As per. News, docs are trying all types of medication on the virus since there is no cure. Whether it actually works, or will work on ppl is a gamble but its worth the try. so it is possible to run short.
    3. Does it matter what medication they gave? At least they have tried to assist an island which usually helps us over and over again.

  8. Why was this information made public anyhow? Countries in the island chain help out each other everyday in the area of health. The french has helped many of us. I am happy we could help them. But I dont see why the info ended up in the public domain. One Love. One World. One Health. Peace Out

  9. a little medication you say you help with you had to blow your trumpet. so which one are you mr PM .the turtle that lays many eggs and silently goes back into the ocean or according to you the cock that lay 1 egg and goes about making noise lol. well I understand cock do nt lay so it must have been very surprised. and you guys that just on standby to knock out others when they make their comments find something better to do with your life

  10. Well Well the morons have been out in force I see. I did not have time to return to the news website, now obviously I do. For those asking people to ban chainy from making comments, the ignorance of the negro has never saved him, he has only been made a fool over and over. What part of the comment that said don’t assist? You stupid backward people. It said assist but also look after yourselves in the process. Not finding any cases with our small sample is no excuse to relax and say we have beaten this. We must have abundant supplies so that we are still able to handle the crisis. Yes I am successful, well read and educated because unlike all of you commenting here, I have a brain to think for myself and yes to put myself first because no one in this world will do that for you. That’s why many of you are depressed and broke with nothing because you all never understood basic life principles.

  11. Le gouvernement français ne veut pas donner les mĂ©dicaments les plus efficaces au dĂ©but de la maladie, il ne veut pas que les Français aient des masques…. A croire qu’il veut voir disparaĂźtre les plus vieux qu’il juge inutiles.
    J’Ă©prouve de la honte Ă  savoir que les Martiniquais ne puissent pas compter sur la mĂ©tropole pour les soigner.
    La France, donneuse de leçons aux autres pays…
    Je trouve que la crise est mieux gĂ©rĂ©e Ă  Saint Lucia qu’en France.
    Malheureusement, elle aura un lourd impact sur l’Ă©conomie…. comme dans tous les pays.
    Courage Ă  tous les St Luciens.

  12. AS a st.lucian it hurts to say that no wonder many other Caribbean nationals consider us to be backward minded people. Reading some of these comments just goes to say that some of yourll ignorance is seconds to yourll arrogance

  13. Martinique has saved St. Lucia’s bacon many times. Definitely more times than I have fingers and toes. In times of trouble, even token relief from a friend is welcomed. The people of Martinique have helped St. Lucia over decades. Unfortunately, a criminal element has affected the deep love they once held. That’s why I always support criminal deportation to the scene of their crimes. God bless Martinique.

  14. The level of ignorance shown in some of the comments we are allowed to post on these news sites is appalling. Half the time the people commenting are seriously challenged by the language they were supposed to have learnt in schools. Bravo to any Government for helping another. Bravo to any St. Lucian who feels the need to help another and let us stop depending on politicians and bringing cheap politics into every discussion. If covid haven’t taught us, nothing will.

    • @ Michael … 100% agreement!!
      Only one flaw in your comment: “… if covid HASN’T taught us, …” (has not) … not “haven’t … (have not). Be careful of the challenging language. Be safe.

  15. Good job Mr prime minister and the Dominican government let us be each other’s keeper in these trying times I may not agree with some of the decisions you have made but what you have done for our fellow Caribbean brothers and sisters is commendable

  16. Governments of the CAribbean Unite. Lets show the rest of the world how it should be done. Only united can we fight this to come out on top. Well Done

  17. What a lot of you youngsters don’t know is, it is not the first time that St lucia have been of help to
    Martinique. During the Second world war, France fell to the Nazis, the Germans occupied Martinique
    and immediately begun a system of starvation to the natives. Hundreds of those who were able to get
    get away did so by rowing, yes I say half starved men rowed to St.Lucia, were housed and fed at homes
    paid for by our Colonial administration of the time. The Naxis killed hundreds by machine Gun trying to
    flee even some on our Sailing Vessels and I knew some who survived. Two ships were Topidoed in the
    habour, and I remember that night. We were always there to help Martinique, St. Lucia should always be
    alert to help when we can. Cuba has always helped us and many others, God bless those with a good heart.
    Have you noticed that St.Lucia is a blessed little Rock? I pray daily at a time such as this, God is on our side.

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