Saint Lucia Driving Schools Increase Session Fees

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The National Association of Driving Schools (N.A.D.S.) would like to inform the general public of the Association’s decision to increase of the standardized fees for driving sessions and car rental for practical exams.

This decision was not made lightly, as we are aware of the increase in the standard of living for all. However, the upsurge in gasoline, car parts and general servicing of our vehicles along with providing the same great service and product you are accustomed to, has made this decision unavoidable.

Effective 1st June 2022 the standard fee for driving lessons will be $70 an hour and the use of the car for practical exams will be $200.

We greatly appreciate your continued business and support through this time of change.

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Source: National Association of Driving Schools

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  1. Yesterday price ain’t today price….

    You lot crying bout prices and government… What gov NEED to do is proper fix all the roads on island .. look like a pack a rats been chewing away at them.. gov.can’t do everything so put the chicken n rum talk away … BOTH sides need to unite for betterment of the people or SLU will truly be ******

  2. When will our salaried increase cause for the past few weeks everything have been jacking up sky high an our salary is low

  3. $70 an hour and you have to spend half that time waiting outside transport board while they conduct their business…..

  4. No problem with the increase!
    But see to it that drivers in Saint Lucia can drive internationally after receiving a license. Especially in countries like the UK where we drive on the same side of the road and instructors ask us to use/ make reference to the Highway Code. With that increase just add some value to the license! The cost of learning to drive in the UK is more than twice this amount and it’s ridiculous to go through this if you just need practice sessions in another country rather than an entire exam.

  5. How it jump from $50 per hr to $70 🙄😒 not even $60 or $65?!? So how much does manual pay since their hr was already expensive?!?

  6. I think it’s time for government to step in and regulate the driving schools. We cannot allow the price for such services to be regulated by their members with no oversight.

    To combat this practice I hope that other individuals join that market and provide the service at a cheaper rate. Competition is the greatest regulator of price in the absence of governmental controls.

    One observation – businesses increase prices due to increases in the cost of fuel- nothing wrong with that. What is absolutely wrong with it though, is that when there are reductions in the price of fuel, there in no corresponding decrease in the price of the goods and services which were previously increased due to increases in fuel prices.

    And the state does not want us to be CORRUPT! We will definitely follow the lead of our so honest politicians.

  7. All part of the Great Reset. You will own nothing and be happy. Make life so unaffordable you can only focus on basic survival. Then they sweep in and buy up everything on the cheap leaving you no choice but to turn to them. You will own nothing and be happy.

  8. for that increase i hope more awareness are given to drivers for road safety…….this govt really needs to put measures in place like bigger countries for road safety laws to be more enforced…

    awa wiiii…jus now we wil be charged for walking……everything going up??? masiay!!!

  9. Oh well, they’re milking the goats.
    Now a days everything is profit driven; If you can afford you shall survive or you doom to fail and die poor.

  10. $70 per hr! And a special fee of $200 for practical! Wow! And so many people learning to drive. St Lucians have money boy. I remember I paid $30 per hr and there was no special practical fee. It was the same fee per hour for practical. These new driving schools are all about the money. No wonder they are buying brand new vehicles to pay off their loans and fooling the student drivers.

  11. I noticed all you Driving schools instructors are very unforgiven, as soon as Mr. CHASTANET won the the election in 2016 he signed the gas document which was on his desk and there was a decrease in gas for the entire 5 years. he put no tax or any increase on it. AM i correct to say that?
    remember how well he managed our tax money, new hospital, new school, new police station, 23 islands built in VF, all roads properly paved. Well done!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hold on $70 a Hour wtf boy driving school really get expensive, correct me if i am wrong but wasnt it like $150.00 a week for like 30 mins of driving? i know thats back in the day but i just wanted to compare


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