Saint Lucia, Eastern Caribbean urged to repeal ‘buggery’ laws

Saint Lucia and the rest of the Eastern Caribbean have been urged by Human Rights Watch (HRW) to repeal colonial buggery laws.

‘The laws have broad latitude, are vaguely worded, and serve to legitimise discrimination and hostility towards LGBT people in the Eastern Caribbean,’ the organisation has said.

According to HRW, the laws give social and legal sanction for discrimination, violence, stigma, and prejudice against LGBT individuals, by singling out those groups in a discriminatory manner.

HRW disclosed that upon interviewing various citizens of the Eastern Caribbean countries,  it was discovered that members of the LGBT community fear coming out to their families or communities, due to experiences of already being ostracised for their identity.

HRW also asserted that members of the community have experienced homelessness due to lack of financial support, making them increasingly vulnerable to an array of abuses.

It declared that discriminatory laws prevent members of the LGBT community from reporting on these issues, where they have experienced lack of protection and empathy from the police.

The organisation urged Eastern Caribbean countries to repeal all laws that criminalise consensual activity among same-sex couples, pass laws defining rape in gender-neutral ways, and conduct awareness raising campaigns for the LGBT community.


  1. Sodom the world is surely coming to an end ….fire pon the same sex….will never b for it ..yackness

  2. Those laws have been in existence for ages. If they need rewording, then redraft them. Why seek to abolish then? Those groups labelled themselves, not society. The Constitution does not speak to Political Parties, but to Members of the House. Those members have chosen to group themselves. But those groups are not recognized by the Constitution. They don’t ask for any special rights. Why should we abolish certain laws because certain persons have freely chosen to group themselves? They are already protected under the Constitution as to freedom of association.

  3. Since it’s alright to be gay then I believe it’s alright for a man to have as many wives his heart desires

  4. I am almost 40 and i have never heard of someone being prosecuted under that law or being impacted by having that lifestyle, we see and know of gays at all levels of our society. However you have a powerful lobby who behave like gays are being hunted and killed locally and that this should be given priority over the many other legal problems we are experiencing….where is the cry to change the laws as it relates to weed, which i might add, impacts far more people on island that this particular piece of legislation? where is the cry for reforms to make our judicial system in general more efficient and therefore more fair to the citizens? if these dudes have so much money why not lobby for reform in general and or maybe fund those reforms which are needed and then include these as part of the package? on this basis alone i find them man approach reprehensible as this not a priority and should not be made a priority as just because some white master from the developed world come and tell us that this is the thing we should be focusing on. these dudes are pushing their own narrow agenda which ,may benefit less than 5% of our population and has very little chance of positively impacting on our economy or the standard of living of our poeple

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