Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Saint Lucia Experiencing Delays In Importation Of Brown Sugar

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Press Release:-  As St. Lucia like the rest of the world continues to feel the impact of the global pandemic, the Ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs wishes to inform the public that the Ministry has been experiencing periodic delays with the importation of brown sugar to the island.

Our suppliers have indicated that there is a global freight situation and the containers to ship this commodity have a longer turnover time.

In some cases, the shippers are overbooked and so their ability to ship on a timely basis have been affected.

Notwithstanding the delays, the Ministry wishes to reassure our stakeholders that we are
working assiduously to ensure that the shipment of brown sugar gets to the island by next

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The Ministry thanks the public for their patience during this time.

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  1. It is rare for me to agree with Lucian Highgrade ,,,, but he is right!! Already “Demerara Brown Sugar” is imported. But Cuba is the next best place to import,

  2. Ever notice the cost of Stevia products on the supermarket shelves?
    I think I will get myself a stevia plant.
    Process my own sweetener(s).
    So, I will NOT depend on “government sugar”.
    That’s a plan …
    After all, I grow, process, and consume some of my own foods already.
    What is one more?

  3. Instead of dwelling on the importation of sugar … the Min of Agriculture (the government) could/should steer into agricultural mode to grow STEVIA trees in order to produce our own natural sweetener. Stevia is tropical; Stevia is a natural sweetener; Stevia is not harmful to diabetics (like cane sugar is); Stevia is low in calories and carbohydrates; Stevia is also better than refined sugar (white sugar). By the way, brown sugar (from Guyana) is just as good.

    “Stevia cultivation typically requires around 20 percent of the land and far less water to give a similar measure of sweetness as other standard sugars. Stevia farming gives a productive harvest to thousands of independent farmers having small lands. It does not replace food crops but is being cultivated as a cash crop on smaller plots in addition to food crops for an increase in revenue. When growing conditions are most favorable, farmers may harvest stevia several times per year.” – https://krishijagran.com/agripedia/how-to-grow-stevia-get-full-information-of-stevia-cultivation-in-india/

    Unfortunately, most governments do not like such “Solutions”, unless it is from the USA.

  4. I’m sure the government hav enough brown sugar for themselves right now, the stores must give the best benefits to the higher ranks first

  5. Remember who shut down the shops, and importation. Wasn’t covid. Was the guvment. The same guvment that wrecked small businesses while big ones operated.

  6. The great reset is happening folks. Central banks and governments policies of printing money out of the 2008 crisis and now the covid crisis has led to a debt bubble of beyond epic proportions. The entire thing is about to collapse under the weight of debt. It was inevitable when you have a currency backed by debt. Inevitably it will reach a point where it cannot be repaid. BTW a list of countries that does not follow this system: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya. Venezuela tried to get off that debt standard. Now ask yourself what happened to these countries.

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