Thursday, September 29, 2022

Saint Lucia Experiencing Moderate Dust Haze

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Saint Lucia is currently experiencing moderate dust haze according to the Island’s Meteorological Services.

“We have just had the passage of Tropical Storm Grace which is heading to Haiti, unfortunately, so right now we are experiencing some fair to partly cloudy skies with some moderate dust haze,” Director of Meteorological Services, Andre Joyeux told St Lucia Times.

“Normally the dust haze is interrupted by tropical waves, so most times you get an increase in haze after the passage of a weather system like a tropical wave or tropical storm,” he stated.

Joyeux said based on satellite photos, the heavier haze is closer to Africa, over the Atlantic Ocean and not very close to the Caribbean.

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“What we have is the dust travelling a long distance – it would normally fall out of the sky,” he stated, adding that when it gets to the Caribbean it would either be light or moderate.

Nevertheless, the Meteorological Services official noted that there are instances when the dust haze is heavy.

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