Saint Lucia Experiencing Sugar Shipment Delays

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The Ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives and Consumer Affairs has been experiencing a shipping delay of brown and refined sugar due to supply chain issues, and is working closely with international suppliers to expedite shipments to St. Lucia.

Global supply chain disruptions are causing consumers to struggle with shortages in a variety of basic goods.

Sugar shipments have been severely impacted due to adverse weather conditions from the source markets. Additionally, container shortages, specifically 20ft containers are becoming increasingly difficult to source due to congestion at ports and rising demand.

While these challenges may slow down the delivery of these essential goods to the
consumer, the Ministry would like to assure the public that every avenue is being pursued to mitigate the impact of the global supply chain issues. We assure you that sugar supplies are being managed with the utmost priority.

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Brown sugar will be available from the Government Supply Warehouse on June 15th and an update will be provided on the regular supply of refined (white) sugar at the soonest.

The Ministry wishes to thank you for your patience in this challenging time.

Source: Ministry of Commerce.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. @Melissa do not judge people for you therefore will be judged…the secretary’s life have nothing to do with either of us….this is the whole reason why people like you surely will regret that vote…….embarassing on your part…thats why the rich will always be rich…stop the foolishness…your misery did you well….

    • How is it that a small island state who in it’s pre-independence era used to be one of the major suppliers of sugar to the British, now fast forward to present day, has gone down on its knees begging for sugar??? How is it that the white man with its weapon of colonialism has tricked and bamboozled us black people? That even in our independence we have still become overly dependent??? We depend on the colonizers so much with their first world technological advancements that we forget to depend on ourselves!!!! St lucia wake up!!!! If 60 per cent of your GDP is from tourism, and 70 per cent of your food is imported, it seems like your are headed back into colonialism all over again!!!! History repeats itself! When the NWO comes upons you, which it will come pretty soon, some countries will belong to other countries! Ha!!!! A world of Kings and pawns, Emperors and fools!!! Start being self sufficient St lucia!!!!!

      • Yes @pap papsy … See? We cannot eat tourism!!! A fickle industry!! St Lucia WAS in the cusp of Agriculture, then the tables were turned!! Now, we are dependent on other countries for the basics (flour, sugar, rice, etc.] – when St Lucia COULD BE producing sugar from the Stevia plant, Flour from breadfruit and green bananas. Yes, Pap Papsy – we are in the cusp of touristic colonialisation – and it’s bark is loud, and its bite hard!!!

  2. Seems like the conspiracy theories from ppl like Alex jones are proving to be conspiracy facts….if it so then this is just the tip of the ice berg. 2 billion may starve from food shortages world wide they say.what would that mean for us?roads and schools would be the least of our security should be. And are world super powers really working to create this situation.humans couldn’t be this evil

    • Those conspiracy theories should be called spoiler alerts. Practically everything those “nut jobs” would happen years before it ever did actually played out how they said it would. Not for y’all guinea pigs that took the poke. Well just hope their spoiler alerts for that one aren’t accurate. But with their recent success rate it ain’t looking good for y’all.

  3. There goes the problem with us Lucians. For our standard of education we are so easily fooled by opportunist politicians. Chas never called St Lucians dogs. He was simply answering a question posed by a reporter and use figurative speech. So saying that you don’t respond to every barking dog does not mean that you are a dog, but we allowed Richard who he referred to in his comment to cloud our judgement and say that he was referencing all St Lucians. Today Richard should be explaining to us why we are now waiting for the scraps off their table like dogs for us to survive.

  4. Look misery under SLP wi…. meanwhile their FFF round and rosy. I regret my vote. I beat enough pan and my pan still empty but Leo wife, son and jabal getting it good….he liar friends and their children getting it good, Ken knee coolie getting it good, the homewrecker secretary and the person husband getting it good, rf pals getting it good but the die hard getting nada… least under chas even barking dogs got a little something.

  5. When a government cannot secure the staple food security for its nation that’s a dull government. Completely clueless. That justify there sole agenda their pocket 1st and poverty follow.

  6. Today no Sugar tomorrow what else? Flour is the biggest global shortage to come; bread shortage will cause some unemployment, brace yourself its only the beginning, get used to it, All jokes aside there’s always Green Figs, be it boiled or roasted and mashed. Bless the Lord.

    • Don’t complain about roads in Gros Islet. Spider gave you the most comprehensive road repairs in the history of St Lucia and had it not been for King Cobra who delayed and stalled almost one third of them, today all Gros Islet roads would have been a smooth drive. No let us vote the Gor Gor Bay Bay, as a Young Minister. Let’s see where we will be in the next 5 years.

  7. So Guyana Trinidad and Jamaica all have shipment issue? A little power dem people have and us Lucians always have to suffer. Yes the use of sugar may affect our healtb however sugar is one thing. What about the hospital that’s yet to be completed, however free university, better health care for all. LUCIANS frog go smoke your pipe.
    Shate alone government doing with us then er gonna talk about party. F**** Party demostrate for yhe right of the people all the people.


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