Friday, February 21, 2020

Saint Lucia Extends Condolences On Death Of Robert Mugabe

The Government and People of Saint Lucia have extend condolences to the family of  the late Robert Mugabe and the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugabe has died at the age of 95.

According to the BBC, he had  been receiving treatment in a hospital in Singapore since April.

Mugabe led Zimbabwe to independence and ruled for 37 years.

Although he had been hailed as a hero in the earlier years of his rule, he was later criticised as a dictator who used violence to silence his opponents.

Mugabe is also blamed from ruining his country’s economy.

 He was ousted in a military coup in 2017.

” Mugabe was once a freedom fighter and Zimbabwean revolutionary who served as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 1987 and then as President from 1987 to 2017. May he Rest In Peace,” Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page, while extending this country’s condolences on the death of the former Zimbabwe leader.


  1. Good riddance. He was a murderer, war criminal and dictator who is responsible for thousands of deaths. Shame on all who moan his death. Burn in hell you old bag of dog $hit. I hope you get sodomized for all eternity. But accountability doenst exist in the black race it seems.

    • Well he sure hold you race “accountable” when he took back your lands that were taken form Black Enslaved People and handed it back to them without compensation or apology. You should know how that feels considering what stands at your birth place right now.

      • LHG I always admire u stance but have to make sure u also overstand the atrocities that were to come of a man scorned And bound by his new piece two generations younger, he was always wanting power even through his great deeds he still a huge hypocrite

      • Ah now Lucian high grade truly shows his true uneducated, ignorant colours. It’s obvious you dont read and your opinions are grounded by nothing. Ur such a loser. Get a life. Read a book.

    • Mugabe was a dictator yes, his henchmen committed murder at his behest, yes. He was also the one who liberated Zimbabwe from white racist rule which was also murdering black people and taking away their lands. The British had agreed to compensate white farmers while the land would be restored to their original and rightful owners. The British reneged on that agreement and put Mugabe in a very difficult situation. Mugabe on the other hand did not handle the transfer of the lands in a sensible organized way. Added to that, the hypocritical west did the utmost to undermine the Zimbabwean economy in an effort to get rid of Mugabwe and to install puppets favorable to continued exploitation of the people and natural resources of the country. Mugabe, much to their chagrin proved very difficult to dislodge. Was Mugabe a good or bad leader? Let’s not reach for easy simplistic answers. The truth is more nuanced than a simple yes or no. Was he a murderer. I will accept that only from person who will agree that George Bush and Tony Blair were murderous in the senseless adventures of the Iraq war. That Churchill was a murderer in his refusal to supervise the dismantling of the British Empire which did no less to Africans what Hitler did to the Jews. Let’s not be selective in our moral judgement. Let not use different yardsticks in measuring the actions of African as opposed to European political actors.

  2. You can call him a freedom fighter and praise him for what he did in those days.But for the last twenty years he has dedicated himself to murdering people,white and black,and his beloved bitch,that fed him all that hate,and controled his mind is an acomplice in all the murders he comited.Personally I would compare him to Idi Amin,that ate his enemies hearts,papa Doc Duvalier from Haiti,and his tom tom macutes,that just murdered people just for pleasure.Im celebrating that the son of a female dog is dead

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