Saint Lucia Farmers Get ‘Final Warning’ Over Stray Animals

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The Veterinary and Livestock Division of the Ministry of Agriculture has issued what it says is a final warning to livestock farmers in Saint Lucia that the division will impound stray animals under the 2005 Animal Act.

According to a Ministry of Agriculture release, the warning follows months of sensitisation and discussion with farmers on the hazard stray animals pose to road users.

But Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Sharmine Melville-Edwin told the Ministry’s Communications Unit that the problem remains.

“Cattle owners must take responsibility for their livestock. There has to be responsible ownership, especially in the absence of land ownership and barriers in terms of fencing,” she asserted.

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Melville-Edwin said the Veterinary and Livestock Division understands the needs and challenges of the farmers, especially in the case of those who are not landowners.
“We understand the need for food security and sovereignty,” she explained.

As a result, she said the Livestock Division had discussed solutions to the stray cattle problem with the farmers.

Among the measures agreed on was tagging animals to identify the location and owner of the animal.

Farmers who allow their animals to stray can face a fine of five thousand dollars on summary conviction or imprisonment for two years or both.

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  1. Boy I remember the days when officer bastien killed those stray cows and pigs in vfort.
    There was no questioned asked. You are warned, you ignore.uh huhhhh…the belly pork and beef was the thing in everyone’s pot then.

  2. @john public you made me laugh…
    @truth when I read the article this exactly who came to mind. I know my people are not stupid. St. Lucia is just under a spell which needs to be broken. Why do minds think alike 🤔

  3. Come to think about it, looks like a preety healthy cow, or is it a bull (and that’s no bull) all I can say, the grass maybe greener on the other side; you think the cow cares?

  4. I have realized that most St Lucians love to inconvenience others but when others inconvenience them they are quick to point out ‘my right’ and ‘malaway’ . They love excuses and like to justify their actions by saying’ we have to survive’. There are better ways of doing things but for some they rather short cuts and do not care if they inconvenient others. We see every day, from vending stalls on the sidewalks, improper parking, improper dumping of garbage on the side-walks and roadside; here we have cattle scaring pedestrians. The Choc area by Caribbean cinemas is another area that the authorities should have put a stop long time. Children and adults are scared of these huge bulls laying and patrolling the area and when you have to do business such as, banking services, visiting Rituals cafe’ KFC or going to catch a movie. This owner should have been in jail for the number of complains and warnings that have been issued to him by locals and the authority, this behaviour by him is disrespectful, selfish, ignorant and plain idiotic in my view.

  5. Again all talks and no action. The police are also care free about it, i guess the farmers will only pay heed to it when people start to collect their animal by the road side and sell it to a butcher. You think they will do this nonsense in places like trinidad and jamaica.They will only get back the hairs or skin.

  6. Hope Clinton take heed but then again his party in power jack shit won’t be done about his cows on the choc highway next to massy mega.

  7. Lol!…the authorities don’t give an F all through the year but as christmas approaching they seeing its an easy way to get lots of free meat for their wife and jabal.

  8. the animals need to pass to graze on the next side of the road. so they need to create an over-pass for them. i dont see the big problem. the animals need to be grouped and accompanied by their owner to help them cross. the politicians steal money. since we dont get a dime of make use of that stolen money. other countries do it. this is a perfect opportunity to build our grass fed cattle industry and stop importing milk, make cheese ect.. but we stupid here anyways we rather spend the money on buying everything rather than starting to produce our own

  9. Lots of farmers in the la ressource are in vieux fort have been complaining, the cows come and raid your garden in the night that nonsense has to stop as the owners need to take responsibility for their animals they do not own land but just have stray cows and horses all over the place …

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