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Updated on June 5, 2020 9:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 9:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 9:29 pm

Saint Lucia Fire Chief Cites Potential For Disciplinary Action In Firefighters’ Strike

Fire Chief, Joseph Joseph, has written to the Chairman of the Saint Lucia Fire Service Association, Shane Felix, citing the potential for disciplinary action against firefighters who are currently on strike.

He said he has not been officially informed of industrial action of any kind.

But  the Fire Chief disclosed that he was notified that a memo had been sent to Public Service declaring the withdrawal of the labour of the members of the Association.

In the March 18, 2019 letter, Joseph described the decision for members of the association to continue off the job as ill-advised and in conflict with the collective agreement.

He urged firefighters to put country before self.

According to the Chief Fire Officer, the fire department provides “essential functions”.

He asserted that the current disruption puts into immediate danger the health and safety of the public.

“In addition it is counterproductive to the welfare of the officers involved as it potentially exposes them to disciplinary action for being absent from duty without a reasonable excuse,” Joseph wrote.

He said failure of members to return to their respective posts may only serve to delay the negotiation process, in accordance with good industrial relations practices.

Joseph observed that every Fire Officer, including members of the Fire Service Association, took an oath of office, in which they swore to take steps at all times to preserve life and property and to discharge all their duties faithfully according to the law.

“I therefore urge you to put country before self in this instance and cooperate in restoring normalcy in this important Department,” the letter stated.

According to Joseph, management has been and remains committed to ensuring the welfare of officers and to do what is within its power to address the concerns of members.

“We will support any action within our scope of authority according to the established procedures to defend the welfare and well-being of fire personnel,” he wrote.


  1. He getting a big salary that’s why he quick to say that yo the ppl need they money ok now shut up idiot

  2. Really what about disciplinary action against yourself for a certain individual whoom you promoted with no merit very little experience in exchange for certain favours. Hows about you recruit officers for a certain station in rhe north with 90% of them being from the south as far as laborie.

  3. Does Chastanet and Guy putting country first?
    Why is there no deputy speaker? It’s a shame for you Joseph Joseph.

    • Well said Martin….when government put country b4 self then our immediate leader can tell us to put country b4 self…

  4. Mister Joseph,I presume you live in St Lucia? because you are speaking like some alien just landed from some unknown galaxy? I cant believe your stupidity ? When you made up your mind to dedicate yourself to wearing a uniform,first thing you were taught,the importance of camaderie,team work team mentality.Now you have unmasked yourself,broken all the basic rules,set yourself apart.You are totally unresponsible,inept uncapable of doing your job.Just resign and walk

  5. Mister Joseph is very innocent. Doesn’t have a clue about his job.. From the 1st day of the strike he’s been I hiding, up till now. When the press came to see him, he 4warded them to his deputy, n ran to vfort n hide.. So please do us the noble thing JJ, resign n leave da fire service in da hand of the competent n qualified young man, who’s doing ur work 4 u

  6. Bring it on! You touch one, you touch all . . . And then you will see union power in action! This time, the whole island shutting down

  7. This guy Joseph Joseph is a bootlicker. He has irreparably damaged the morale and the relationship between himself and the rest of his colleagues. This man has made himself an enemy within the fire service. Here, the ordinary firefighters desperately fighting to be reasonably compensated for their risky and unthankful work. Instead of standing in solidarity with his teammates, this colossal fool, Joseph Joseph, want to throw the firefighters under the fire truck. The firefighters could never have not even an iota of respect for or confidence in him again. His lack of sound leadership qualities has cast a dark and ominous cloud over the organisation. Hang on in there firefighters for your cause is a just one.

  8. Sad really sad and disappointing for those fighters who have been back stabbed by their leader. What type of leader are you. Those guys fight deadly fires, Carry some heavy peaople up some crazy hills just to get to the main road. Have to visit come mind blowing accident scenes. Shame real shame on you as a leader of such devoted guys.

  9. Wow so now we you going boss man? your boys showing you were the door is.Solid Waste has a vacancy better run and take it.

  10. Wow! This Fire Chief is adding fuel to the fire instead of trying to quench it! What kind of fire chief is this? Lol!

  11. Fire chief you sucking to your boses and you abandoned your soldiers.Goverment is holding the agreement that suposedly holds all the regulations and obligations of the two parties,to acuse the fire fighters of abandoning their duties.These regulations were signed with the unions involved,goverment,fire fighters.Shame they never specified,how many years have to pass for goverment to listen to the fire fighters? how many times has goverment broken the agreement? I think its time to review these agreements,because obviously they favour one party,who happens to be the employer.Chief you jumped ship and abandoned your troops,instead of leading them on the battle field.You got your job because of your political friends,but you are so dum,in your life you have never learnt the main principals of your profesion.Dont expect respect from those under your comand,you have lost it all,you abandoned your troops on the battle field,you are a traitor and worse a coward

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