Saint Lucia Fire Service Concerned Over Spate Of Fires

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The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) has expressed concern over a spate of fires and has issued some prevention reminders to the public.

Station Officer at Fire Prevention Mabius Francis explained that the SLFS is especially concerned about house fires.

“There are many things we can do to avert unwanted fires. First of all we would say ‘Have a plan’ and by a plan there’s a simple thing we can have in place – RIPE, an acronym,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

“The ‘R’ stands for having a means for Raising the alarm and a smoke alarm is one of the things we can have at our home. They carry a nine-volt battery. We can install them within our homes and whenever smoke is produced it will alert us to that unwanted fire,” the SLFS official stated.

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“The ‘I’ is for knowing whenever you discover an unwanted fire, you should Inform the fire service immediately. The ‘P’ stands for Protective and Preventative including using a fire extinguisher to put out the fire,” Francis said.

In this regard, he noted that most hardware stores sell the item which every home in Saint Lucia should have.

And he disclosed that the final letter in the RIPE acronym – ‘E’ pertains to having an Exit out of one’s home in the event of a fire.

Francis also advised that people should never leave food cooking on a stove while away from the flame or ask children to keep an eye on it, since youngsters can be distracted.

He declared that the food would likely burn in such a scenario, and the fire would get out of control.

“Cooking is one if the main reasons why we have a lot of unwanted fires – cooking left unattended and the other is electricity,” Francis observed.

He told St Lucia Times that a qualified individual should inspect a house’s electrical system every four or five years and check electrical outlets, especially if multiple devices connect to them.

Francis said it is good to have a qualified person check to ensure that the sockets do not become overloaded.

He observed that it would be best to connect one device to an outlet if a qualified person has not checked the load.

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  1. The major issue with this problem is simply the lack and foresight of danger. Regardless if you have insurance and all necessary stuff. People behavior are attributes towards this cause faculty wiring, circuit overloading, dumping of cig. Using of worng appliances.. think about it.

  2. Why don’t the fire service gives every household a fire extinguisher. At least that would help everyone including the less fortunate.

  3. Yes but you not concerned about your pay check at all sir or the real reason for the fires in the first place. Collecting them house insurance moneys that coming in sweet with that smile. Not everyone reading this is dumb

  4. You with your silly little ‘acronyms’ you think is the way to fight or to prevent fires; this may work well in a well structured, properly built and developed society, but Pal come down to earth, if you remove that Suite & Tie, and put on some safety boots & Jeans, take a walk in Marchand, my old haunt Tuo Rouge, Bishops Gape, Rock Hall George Charles Boulvard, take a look around, these are people who either bought or simply squat on a piece of ground, no planning there, these are poor folks who scrape for the pennies to survive another day. You look well fed in your nice suit but buddy, this guy have walked in many shoes before. I once had relatives there when the place was known as ‘Monkey Hill’ today its known as Marchand. On the Marchand Grounds I ran many a race in my youth, 100 Mtrs to the Mile, I know the area inside out but never lived there. This crap will keep happening as long as we have a malayway society in these Islands, not only St. Lucia. (Town & Urban Planning) is the theoretical answer, but mostly the finance and the ‘Will’ to implement these factors. You Sir with your well shaven face and head, well dressed, is not the fire fighter the sorry Island is looking for, Fire Fighters are rough & tough looking doods, ready to jump into action at the sound of the bell. (Lord My God, send a Savior to St, Lisi)

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