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Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm
Updated on June 6, 2020 3:30 pm

Saint Lucia Fire Service Explains Delay In Response To Pregnant Woman In Distress

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) has been explaining why there was a delay in its response to a report of a pregnant woman in distress at Blue Coral Mall, Castries, on Saturday.

One social media post indicated that it took an ambulance one hour and twenty-two minutes to respond.

It was reported that emergency personnel who were summoned to mall to assist the bleeding woman, kept saying that there was an accident elsewhere and only one fire station was open.

Assistant Divisional Officer, David Antoine, told St Lucia Times that due to the industrial action taken by firefighters, the SLFS did not have the response capability to address the  Blue Coral Mall incident in a timely manner.

Antoine explained that at the time, fire officers had responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident at Bexon.

Two motorcyclists were injured in that incident when a car ran off the road and hit two parked motorcycles on which the men were sitting near a bar.

“As soon as the first ambulance got to base we were able to make a response and the lady was assessed and treated on the scene and transported to Victoria Hospital,” Antoine stated.

He told St Lucia Times that because of the strike action by firefighters, emergency vehicles are not ‘properly staffed.’

“We do not have the manpower to do so,” he said.

According to the senior fire officer, the situation was compounded by the fact that a response had already been made to the Bexon accident.

Antoine disclosed that as a result no staff were available to respond at that time to the Blue Coral incident.

He said he was informed that when the ambulance did respond, the woman was safely treated at the scene and transferred to hospital.

Firefighters have been on strike since Wednesday, March 13, 2019, in an effort to get the government to address ‘decades long’ outstanding issues affecting them.

Despite what was described as a very cordial meeting on Thursday of last week between Labour Minister, Stephenson King, and the Saint Lucia Fire Service Association, the disgruntled firefighters came away asserting that nothing had changed and that they wanted action and not more promises.

After a meeting of the association’s general membership the following day, the firefighters announced that their industrial action would continue.

They have remained on strike despite a letter on Saturday from King urging them to return to work and declaring that the strike is ‘contrary to law’.



  1. When your employer will not listen to your request or issues the only recourse you have is to withdraw your labor. This is an unintended consequence of this, sad but necessity evil for you to get what you deserve.

  2. Theres so much to say on both sides. It took them one hour twenty minuted for an ambulance to arrive. I dont know how bad the lady was but if i were in her shoes i would have taken a taxi near by. The next thing one might say is whether she had money. You pregnant and bleeding , thats cause for emergency on the other hand you got to do what you have to do and thats what the workers are doing. Further more its time for government to trade in some of those unwanted vehicles for ambulances. Instead of wasting money on useless things get 5 ambulances. You can see they dont care about health. NO AMBULANCE, NO HOSPITAL, LITTLE EQUIPMENT. SMH

  3. The same way those Government ministers need their money to take of their family, the little person need their money also. Don’t try to job shame the workers by using the incident with the woman. I am sorry she had to wait so long, and had to be collateral damage, but the workers are not donkeys where you just give them grass and water. Treat people like you would like to be treated. Why the workers have to wait so long to get their pay matter resolved?

  4. I call ******** on their excuse because I was told when they were called, they told the people they are on strike. The only reason they are explaining they were not able to come sooner is because I said I would have gone to the radio station to discuss can we be calling for help, even going as far as flagging down a police vehicle and they pass straight. Its time we Lucian’s stand up and speak up on issues on this island. For someone to be losing blood for over an hour and calling for help only to say y’all on strike if f******

    • glad you were there you call and no one could not transport her since all of you people care so much?? she had no back injury nun a towel or something like that a vehicle go VH simple smh let the guys fight for their rights and sweat smh

    • Industrial action is INDUSTRIAL ACTION. It’s sad to say that the public will suffer but it’s going to happen. Saint Lucians now need to go into survival mode and stop behaving so damn entitled and force this government to treat its people like human beings and not pawns. Peter paying for Paul.

  5. Persons keep blaming the firemen for doing what is within their rights to do. St. Lucians need to read the Labour codes, the Collective Agreement and know the laws for themselves! Stop bashing the guys and trying to make it appear that the woman was totally helpless.. weren’t there any other drivers around since ‘we so care?’

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