Monday, November 18, 2019

Saint Lucia Firefighters Assist Canaries Family In Need

Saint Lucia firefighters on Thursday temporarily put aside their fire fighting equipment to engage in a home improvement project on behalf of a needy family in Canaries.

More than a dozen members of the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) were involved.

The initiative was part of observances of the organisation’s 45th anniversary on September 14.

” We have a week of activities and one of them is a self-help project where we are assisting one of the underprivileged persons in the village of Canaries,” Deputy Fire Chief, George Victorin explained.

George Victorin

He said the firefighters were assisted by private individuals in a home improvement project for Canaries resident, Louisa John.

Louisa John

According to a fire service official, John was formerly homeless.

It was explained that the Canaries Village Council presented John and her two children with a ‘basic’ structure that fire service volunteers went to upgrade.

This included installing more windows, a balcony and a water tank fed by rain water.

On Monday, September 9, 2019, the volunteers plan to return to paint the building.

They raised funds for the project and received donations from the local private sector.

Louisa John expressed her gratitude to the members of the SLFS for their work.

The SLFS said she was identified by the Canaries Village Council as being in need of assistance.


  1. Good work guys keep it up. That’s a sure way of getting positive response from the public. A great way to enhance your public awareness program

  2. This is a great gesture. Where is shane?He was misdirecting firefighters with his politics? He rather strike, call them off work, destroy the country and people. These new guys building bridges.They have the conscience and goodwill too.

    • Shane has taken both party administrations to task on behalf of the Fire officers. Any person that dare question or critiques the government they are painted as political. This needs to stop as it is a crutch for the government not to do their job properly.

  3. Shane felix only cares about shane felix.Being in the spotlight and trying all ways to dorminate the news cast with his ugly face.As a firefighter i have never heard one interview were he praise anything good within the fire service.We have issues yes,but after all, when things are going good he will never praise management initiatives. Its not a good attitude,he was never balance and his focus was
    attacking every management at all cost.Shame on shane.

  4. The current chief better be careful the former executive of the FSA dont expose him.He forget he was part of the plan to get Mr Fontenell,Downes and Victorine out…He forgot all the information he LAmbert and Antione use to share with felix.Now Felix is the worst thing that has hapoen becuse he is now on the high chair.Enjoy Mr Jospeh.Felix hope you get the courage to expose these snakes that use you to get to the high positions.

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