Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Saint Lucia Firefighters To Continue Strike Despite Meeting With Labour Minister

Saint Lucia firefighters will continue strike action they started earlier this week, despite what was described as a very cordial meeting with Labour Minister, Stephenson King.

The head of the Saint Lucia Fire Service Association, Shane Felix, said the organisation met King Thursday night.

He commended the minister’s ‘humble approach’, but indicated that nothing had changed.

He said King, who is currently Acting Prime Minister in the absence of Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, promised to get in touch with the PM and get back to the association, but nothing has been heard so far within the time frame indicated.

“We were not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting,” Felix declared.

“As we have said to the minister ‘We’ve been there before. We’ve received commitments in writing but nothing has happened,'” Felix told St Lucia Times.

According to Felix, the two sides discussed a number of issues that Saint Lucia firefighters say have been outstanding for a very long time.

They included firefighters who are consistently on contract.

Felix said when the contracts end, the firefighters have to wait most times for about two months before they get their next salary.

He told St Lucia Times that contractual employees have difficulty obtaining bank loans.

The association Chairman said the organisation also discussed the lack of a promotion policy, leadership issues, payment for firefighters who are consistently performing duties above their substantive rank and the pension age of members of the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS), among other issues.

Felix told St Lucia Times that the pension age has been increased to 65, although fire service regulations recognise that when  firefighters turn 50, they should be exempted from ‘strenuous activity.’

He pointed out that the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has advocated for firefighters to retire earlier than other public servants.

Members of the Fire Service Association met Friday morning to receive an update on the meeting with Labour Minister King and decided to continue their strike.

“It looks as though we will be home for the weekend because we have not received anything tangible from the authorities,” Felix explained.

The Fire Service Association is scheduled to met on Monday with the Government Negotiating Team to  discuss working conditions and fringe benefits.


  1. You are putting the lives of tbe citizens of st lucia on the line…wow….u must stop..black ugly man with power….slp disnt stop you..hope this pm had the balls to stop you….

    • No scaremongering and divide and rule tactics won’t work. Try again impersonator.
      We are united in the struggle. Fire Officers know better. The belly of the beast has taught us the truth. We live in the struggle.

    • The real Marcus Paul would never make such a comment. We know our allies and the fake ones who attempt to stir trouble among us.

    • Having read the above comment by this local fire service administrative networker(buttt kisser) for promotions, I am compelled to respond as the Real Marcus Paul (retired officer), in the Fire Service) , to let this individual who is trying to impersonate me, to stop villifying Mr. Shane Felix, a man who stands as a stalwart in industrial relations within St.lucia and the Caribbean…I will forever remain proud of his great work in labor and industrial relations….
      And so I want to categorically denounce the above so call Marcus Paul and his fallacies about my good friend ….
      Now I am absolutely sure by now that anyone reading this must direct the above Marcus Paul to redirect him/herself to good standard learning cause the Marcus Paul shoes above clearly doesn’t fit the one in this response…
      Ha ha ha…if this sounds risible then just check the mode of writing…
      What a local idiot…trying to write on behalf of Marcus Paul…

      • Well done the real, true and genuine Marcus Paul (Retired). I was reading what the fake wrote and wondering how you would correct that. You have done well responding because I know you are a man of principle and I also know how well you and Shane Felix worked together. It speaks volumes of the character and integrity of the person who would stoop to such levels as to use your name make his/her unfounded claims.

    • The above Marcus Paul has clearly shown himself to be the biggest local idiot who not only knows how to impersonate but outstandingly but sucks for promotion in the fire service……
      Waiting for that glorious day when proper standards, policies, laws will be adhered to in this institution…
      Continue the good work… Mr. Felix… blessings on you

    • Wooooww who is this idiot who is claiming to be my father 😂😂😂
      Please enhance your vocabulary next time

  2. Is that strick about these outstanding issues or its about you upcomming case at the public service commision…you are using the fireofficer to mask your issues…and mr monrose …you are supporting the strick by the emergency services whilat school is on…god forbid theres an accident involving a school bus…who will rescue them….after all..you strick for two days…allow time for dialogue…mr felix youbwill be unmask soon…dont worry.

    • Chiquot hunte I am concerned that you don’t even know the difference between strike and strick. Now it could not be an error or a typo when you used the wrong word three (3) times in a short paragraph. So instead of attacking Mr. Monrose you should ask him for some lessons.

  3. A strike by essential workers is always an unwelcome thing. At times, pressure pushes water up hill. Most public servants are experiencing severe economic hardships. The government has adamantly refused to ease the misery of these suffering people. There is no other peaceful alternative but to exercise your right to strike. Workers should always reserve the right to stir as a bargaining chip. People should place the blame where it squarely belongs, at the feet of the dishonest politicians.

  4. When I called last night to take Grannie to the hospital I was told that,sorry we are currently on strike. I said ok.
    Wait till it’s your family member in a road accident.

    • Your grand mother can’t receive the emergency service that she requires and rather than calling on the Government of the day to address a situation affecting all Saint Lucians you wish harm on firemen and their families. Shame on you SOG.

      • Straight or gay, you wish bad on the families of fire officers because you don’t even understand what you are (straight or gay). In confusion, people write nonsense. I agree with Straight, “shame on you on Sog”.

  5. Guardsman security are paying workers who put their life on the line and they earn 4:25 cents an hour a big company like that with millions of dollars in the banks are explioting workers and there is no one to speak behalf of the workers and they want you to work 12 hours a day with one day off

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