Saint Lucia Fishers Hopeful For Major Flying Fish Comeback

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Fishers in Saint Lucia hope they will soon be regularly catching flying fish in droves, like their Barbados counterparts.

CBC Barbados reports that Barbados fishers have been hauling in massive flying flying fish catches over the past few days.

The Barbados fishers say it’s the first time in almost a decade.

And on average, some fishers on the neighbouring Island say they are landing about 20,000 flying fish.

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But here in Saint Lucia fisheries officials say flying fish appear to be making only a slow comeback.

An official of the Dennery Fishermen’s Cooperative told St Lucia Times that about two weeks ago, fishers got a ‘nice catch’.

But the official said people snapped up the fish before the cooperative could make a record of it.

“It was fast and furious,” the official recalled.

There have also been reports of flying fish catches by Choiseul fishermen.

However, a fisher in Vieux Fort who spoke to St Lucia Times said he had not seen a flying fish comeback.

And the President of the Soufriere Fisheries Cooperative, Norbert Joseph, said it’s the same with fishers in Soufriere.

“We have not been so fortunate,” Joseph told St Lucia Times.

“Flying fish seem to be eluding us for the time being,” he observed.

He also noted that this has been the situation ‘for quite a few years.’

However, Joseph said he is hoping that the situation will change soon.

According to the Soufriere Fisheries Cooperative official, flying fish represent an important staple in the local diet.

Joseph said there’s a lot of speculation regarding why flying fish are scarce.

He said the reasons put forward include the sargassum sea weed problem that has been affecting most of the Islands.

In May, 2020, Gros Islet fishers reported making their first major flying fish catch in about a decade.





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