Saint Lucia Forecast To Make Hundreds of Millions Of Dollars From Medical Marijuana

A Canada-based investor has predicted that medical marijuana could rake in hundreds of millions of dollars over the years for Saint Lucia in taxation and other duties .

Gastrointestinal Physiologist Doctor Ronald Stead is planning to develop a company here to extract cannabinoids from cannabis.

Stead told reporters Thursday that the cannabinoids will be converted into medicines, initially to ease irritable bowel syndrome.

He explained that he framework for the proposed company is already in place and legal documents are now being prepared.

Stead said the idea is to develop a consortium to make marijuana derived products here.

“We have had some very good support at the senior levels of the economy,” he disclosed.

But Stead declared that the marijuana initiative was not moving along as quickly as the investors would like.

He said moving to Saint Vincent which is further ahead on the marijuana issue than Saint Lucia would seem to make sense.

But he said he and his colleague investors have more experience with Saint Lucia.

Stead said they have been coming to Saint Lucia for some 20 years and feel ‘more comfortable’ here.


    • lmao so true ….and our government sleeping on them big time we can do it ourselves and stray away from that banana bs

  1. But we’re is not legalised in st.Lucia yet..what’s going on here? I’m a farmer I want in please.

  2. Everyone should start planting their weed in St Lucia in their backyards and farms so will the law put everyone in jail as we are moving to slow in the legalization of weed …

  3. But what is stopping the government from investing and reaping the millions and giving a larger share of the pie to locals; the farmers, schools, social investments and so forth?

  4. Politicians are involved in the trade plus all their friends,so why legalize ? they dont want to loose their bussines

  5. Im learning all the weed stuff,very intresting,now I know what sex my plants are,I aint breeding crap.Some boys from down south bringing me some seeds,they say strong weed,one smoke and you in heaven.Now that we have no fish market,and fish getting smart,me farming

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