Saint Lucia Freedom Coalition To Launch COVID-19 Petition

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Saint Lucia’s Freedom Coalition has announced plans to launch a petition on Saturday, inviting people to sign the online document, which the group eventually intends to present to Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

Coalition leader Fremont Lawrence told St Lucia Times that the group would launch the petition at a news conference at Derek Walcott Square from 1:00 p.m.

Lawrence said the document hopes to attract thousands of signatures.

He disclosed that the petition opposes mandatory vaccination and supports Dr. Gilbertha St Rose.

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The Medical and Dental Council recently suspended her licence and fined St Rose over using and promoting Ivermectin in treating COVID-19.

“We support Dr. St Rose and the use of Ivermectin and other treatments and freedom of choice. A treatment should not be imposed on anyone,” Lawrence said regarding the petition’s content.

“We intend to present it to the Prime Minister and then see how the government decides to deal with it,” he told St Lucia Times.

In addition, the Freedom Coalition leader revealed that on Monday members of the group toured Anse La Raye, Canaries, and Soufriere to tell people about the COVID-19 vaccine.

He said people received the group well.

“We will be doing this around the Island. We will be recording people who have suffered adverse effects from the so-called vaccine or individuals who know of others who have experienced adverse conditions. So we are keeping this issue on the front-burner,” Lawrence stated.

He noted that as Saint Lucia is in the midst of the festive season, people seem to be more focussed on the festivities.

However, Lawrence told St Lucia Times that the Freedom Coalition wants to remind the public that Saint Lucia is still experiencing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And he declared that there are serious issues for people to consider.

Headline photo: Flashback – Freedom Coalition demonstration in Constitution Park, Castries in November, 2021


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  1. Fallen Angel, I’m only aware of two losing causes pal..

    1. The vaccinated against the virus.
    2. The vaccinated against the unvaccinated.

  2. @vaxx no make the world go round .. fools like you will never get anywhere. I hope St. Lucia has everything you will ever need because your life will be limited to your little rock you unvaxxed moron. The big countries won’t be vaccinating their people just to allow your unvaxxed tail in. I also hope that non vaxxers won’t need to seek medical assistance in any foreign country because then they will realise the sad situation they would have found themselves in. Uneducated fool! You think a small third world which depends on handouts from big countries country can afford to be this stupid. Wise up silly people

  3. Of all the things they could be out there championing, they are out there supporting two losing causes.
    They need to go pray or something.

  4. vaxxed and proud dnt be a proud fool…even if the world is heading there that doesnt mean u have to bow down to all nonsense they do….wats the point of that and taking booster knowing full well i can give someone the virus??? well by url 12th shot u will tell me

    thats why the criminals taking over for shit like this…run and hide cuz ppl like u KNOW FULL WELL things wont get better….pappyshow

  5. Idiots! The whole world will be going this route. With the way St. Lucia is going one’s only chance of a future is going overseas. I guess the antivaxxers will have no choice but to stay here then because no country will accept them if they aren’t vaccinated. Good luck to you fools.

  6. @Terry: Could you provide us with some reasoning for being against mandatory “vaccination”; against the use of Ivermectin?

  7. I agree with a petition against mandatory vaccination but to ask for support of Dr St Rose in that same petition is what I disagree with. These are 2 separate issues which should be kept separate. Not everyone against mandatory vaccination supports the use of ivermectin.

  8. heidi go and hide… ppl like you all that believe to stand up for NOTHING……there will come a time when they wil want all of us to bow, we wont bow no matter the cost

  9. THANK YOU!!

    Doctors have been proven to be the dumbest people in the entire world, they wearing mask all in the hospital as we speak and mask are filled with dangerous chemicals that can give you cancer.

    All these medications they giving you are not good, I recently found out that condoms aren’t even good for your body, your body can fight off aids and other stds naturally. All these things are filled with chemicals and I’m happy the anti vaxx community is finally speaking out.

    When we told y’all condoms we’re not good for your health y’all laughed, y’all laughed at us when we took the dewormer for Covid and it’s been proven to work.

    Y’all taking two jabs and thinking y’all gonna be already, no vaccine has ever done anything good for our society. Billions of children die every year from vaccinations alone now y’all trying to vaccinate adults, unaware that it is causing far more harm than good.

    OPEN YOUR EYES!!! The vaccine kills people in less than a few days and y’all taking it! Y’all are sheep! Using condoms, taking pain killers, drinking alcohol.
    All of these things are filled with chemicals and it will kill you.
    I am so tired of explaining to people but our community is growing stronger, we will see who laughs last.

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