Saint Lucia, Georgia Conclude Visa Waiver Agreement

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Saint Lucia and the Republic of Georgia have concluded a visa waiver agreement that will facilitate travel between the two countries.

The agreement was signed in New York on Monday 19th September, by St. Lucia’s External affairs Minister, Hon. Alva Baptiste and Georgia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Ilia Darchiashvili.

The Agreement will facilitate the travel of nationals of the two countries to each other’s territory without a visa not exceeding ninety (90) days in any one hundred eighty (180) days period.

Honourable Alva Baptiste noted that this latest initiative with Georgia sets the stage for further meaningful contact and people to people exchanges, which are extremely useful in international relations, adding that the Agreement signals his administration’s commitment to meaningfully strengthen ties with countries with which Saint Lucia shares bilateral relations.

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Honourable Alva Baptiste is in New York for the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly which opened in New York on Monday 20th September.

Honourable Baptiste is expected to attend a number of other high level bilateral and multilateral meetings during his seven day stay in New York.

SOURCE: Ministry of External Affairs, International Trade, Civil Aviation & Diaspora Affairs

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  1. Georgia is not a nato member, it was one time the most corrupt country on the planet, agriculture and tourism are its main industries. Also Russia controls 20% of it.

    So why would St. Lucia forge links with this country? Is there a particular “resourse” that Gerogia is offering that we don’t know about?

  2. U all acting like everything in the world is perfect gerogia is a very nice place like all places they have their challenges am some of u commenting have nothing to offer u all not seeing it as something.

  3. U all can never be happy with nothing u all Allan said free visa to the US at the election nothing close to what is taking place at least if u all dnt want it someone else. U all had it good in Canada all u all doing is going an cause trouble in the people country now u all seeing what u all could have had. We st lucians will always stay back the Indian people would take it an make a success of it we have more little things coming in under this government, nothing under the last government u all want free money go an work for it am no slip or uwp.

  4. Yol vex? Garcon let me go there and get myself one– or even two blue eyed tall long haired Georgian women eh. After all, looks like lucian women like men that have them under some magic spell!!! No wonder its tuff to get a good one! Georgia here I come with my bags and boofcase! Thanks Alva and the SLP cabals for this opportunity!

    • @George Agree about Lucian bewitchers (especially the short ones) but although Georgian women tend to be beautiful and graceful (something most Lucian women lack) they are not blue eyed generally. Dark eyes, dark hair and not especially tall… Are you confusing them with Scandinavian women?

  5. Good Job Alva !! – Another one of the none sense being spewed by your government. Who really wants to go to Georgia or even visit. Why don’t you negotiate British passport for Lucians. How about Visa Free Canada again or how about branch of the US embassy in St.lucia.

    Stop your none sense and go full fill all the election promises your government made – start with the $1500 Pierre wants every one to forget now that he is in government.

  6. Not part of Russia for many years. As a matter of fact Georgian armed forces were defeated by Russia a few short years ago.
    The problem is many St. Lucians might think it is Georgia in the US. Ayay! Gassa I going next week ee.

    • The same as I thought would would be the economic derived from such an agreement how would st Lucia benefit would it be our next tourism hot bed trying to figure out what good can come from this,apart from corruption I see no benefit well yea maybe there is we’ll build our nuclear weapons

      Please note it’s not an attack on the government


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