Saint Lucia Gets Hoop Greenhouse Demonstration Plot

Press Release:- The  Taiwan Technical Mission  has established  the First Hoop Greenhouse Demonstration Plot On the Island

The Taiwan Technical Mission was able to to set up its first out of fourteen demonstration plots on the island.

This set up took place on Thursday February sixth 2019 at Vanard Jacmel, which lies in region seven on the agricultural division plane.

The farmer chosen for the set up was Mr. Christopher Cox,  a seasoned and decorated farmer in the region.

Mr. Cox is expected to work closely with the Taiwan Technical Mission and the Ministry Of Agriculture to properly introduce the technology.

More than twenty farmers neighboring the demonstration site and those interested in the technology were invited to view and go through the set up with the Taiwan Technical Mission and the local extension officers.

This drive is to get farmers aware of the new technology on island called the “Hoop Greenhouse”.

This greenhouse is expected to assist farmers, to protect from heavy loss under heavy rainfall so they can have a consistent production of the fruit throughout the year.

The main crops which are recommended for propagation under this greenhouse are honeydew and cantaloupe, for their economic value.  

The next demonstration site is due for set up in region four which lies in Micoud. Contact your local extension officer or the Taiwan Technical Mission for more information (450-2084)


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