Saint Lucia Gets New Peace Corps Volunteers

A new cohort of US Peace Corps volunteers has been sworn in.

The volunteers will help fulfill the overarching goal of Peace Corps Caribbean: “Achieving World Peace and Friendships.”

Associate Peace Corps Director, Sharmon Jules, noted that over 1000 US Peace Corps volunteers have served in Saint Lucia since the inception of the collaboration in 1961.

“We are delighted that this new group accepted our invitation to serve here in Saint Lucia and continue the legacy, the partnership between Peace Corps and the people of Saint Lucia,” Ms. Jules said. They are here to serve in the capacity of literacy support volunteers, and will be working under the umbrella of the project that we are currently implementing on island—a primary literacy project.”

The trainees resided with host families in the community of Babonneau while they underwent training and culture sensitization. At the ceremony, the volunteers provided a demonstration of their cultural experience.

The Peace Corps Swearing-in Ceremony was held at the Coco Palm Conference Room on Aug. 23.