Saint Lucia Gets Over $18 Million From Taiwan For Constituency Projects

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The government of Saint Lucia has received $18.5 million from the Republic of China (Taiwan) for local constituency projects.

Taiwan’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia, Peter Chen, presented a cheque to the Accountant General.

On Monday, on his official Facebook page, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Philip J. Pierre wrote that the cheque would go into the Consolidated Fund.

Pierre disclosed that the cash would go towards small infrastructure projects in constituencies.

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On behalf of the Saint Lucia government, the Castries East MP thanked Taiwan for its commitment to ensuring local communities address their infrastructural needs, especially regarding climate resilience and adaptation projects.

“No longer will opposition-held constituencies and their constituents be disenfranchised as was done in the previous five years. All 17 elected Parliamentarians will receive an opportunity to implement projects of their choice. We are all Saint Lucians,” Pierre declared

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  1. Thanks in return 🙏
    Honor and Go Blessings !
    And deserved récognition 🤝
    But thanks be to our God that
    mother Lucia is not for resail and sail.

  2. They are borrowing money again. this money is not free. it must be paid back to taiwan with your taxes and at an additional interest rate. that’s all taiwan does borrow money to them that must be paid back. only the black men are stupid. never the yellow men.

  3. As far as I am aware, the ONLY person who accounted for the Taiwanese Tax Payers money was Jeannine Compton.

  4. Nice to know but let’s see who are the people that will benefit and which projects will be done. During campaigning they walked through all communities in their constituency and knows of all projects to be done. Let’s see if is nenen and pawe that will get the constituency projects. Politicians are all a bunch of hypocrites that needs god intervention in their lives. They all are given to lead but destroyed by jealousy, hearsay, dislike and pettiness. No conscience. Peace and lovr

  5. Also how much of it will be used for constituency office staff salary , utilities and other operational costs ? What % will really be used for projects ?

  6. Why is Taiwan so generous to us Lucian’s .
    What’s the catch ? With my IQ62 I can’t figure it out but something seems funny.

  7. Couldn’t you just simply say thank you? Did you have to add that piece about opposition held constituencies? I can only imagine what these donors think about us, smh. Thank you Taiwan.

  8. Thank you Taiwan, hopefully you will hold our St. Lucian govt accountable for your incredibly generous funding to our people and island. Please emphasize the need to reevaluate WASCO!

  9. What we need is a new hospital in the south, thats the biggest community project. Use the cheque for that purpose because we know that the money will not be spent on community projects. Friends and close contacts will benefit only.

  10. @ Landers – Name me 1 politician/politricksters who is honest in St. Lucia, lets not go beyond borders. This money will be spent at constituencies level as political pay backs, its typical. In Gros Islet it is happening. It is disgusting to comprehend that your TC is the institution who make sure some people eat and some don’t.


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