Saint Lucia Gets Two More Direct British Airways Flights

Press Release:- Ease of access to the now trending and fun-filled Caribbean destination of Saint Lucia from the pivotal United Kingdom (UK) market has been significantly enhanced.

Following high level discussions with government and tourism officials, premium carrier British Airways (BA) on Thursday, August 22, broke news of the introduction of two additional direct flights per week to Saint Lucia.

Taking effect next summer, the no-tag flights will commence July 4, 2020 and will run through August 29, 2020. The flight offers three classes of service and will add an average of 600 additional seats weekly to facilitate travel to the island.

In responding to the news of the additional flights, Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet said: “We are elated with this latest development and the good fortune it spells for our continued efforts at growing visitor arrivals from the UK market. Based on the 2019 Virgin Atlantic schedule with three weekly flights, we had a total of 798 seats. When taking the ‘tag factor’ into consideration, we actually had approximately 399 seats per week.”

Tourism Minister Hon. Dominic Fedee said: “This bold decision by British Airways, with whom Saint Lucia has a long-standing mutually beneficial relationship, certainly helps in filling the void left by Virgin Atlantic and their proposed pullout come next year. This new arrangement means that with more than 600 additional seats weekly, we now benefit from a net gain during July and August of more than 200 seats.”

Fedee added that together with the additional flights, several other marketing initiatives are being explored as a means of imbuing added life into the British market.

The additional flights will bring British Airway’s scheduled direct service from London to Saint Lucia up from 7 to 9 flights weekly.

Currently Saint Lucia is serviced by 14 direct BA flights that interconnect between London, Trinidad and Grenada.


    • Well let me entertain you we did not get two flights we “BOUGHT” two additional flights. Let’s be real what the he’ll you believe Brithish airways has “symphaty” for st Lucia they are running a business. Oh my my my Virgin has left you there there there we will just give two more flight for free there there dry those tears. What is wrong with my people why can’t you all speak in dollars and sence How much did it cost donkey brains ??

    • Idiot…it is only from July to August 2020… learn to read and understand. It is just business for BA during peak summer period…nothing else!

  1. Lucians need to read so this deceitful government do not fool you. The release would have you think that this is permanent. This is ONLY from JULY 4th 2020 to AUGUST 29th 2020. This is peak summer period in the UK and British Airways are just maximizing the opportunity at extra high prices. Stop with the deception Dominic….BA would have now known what their demand at that time is since people are already booking holidays for next year and as such would need the extra flights seeing VA won’t be flying. Stop pretending like you negotiated this when it is the airline trying to meet demand for the summer peak period.

  2. Where is the deception? Didn’t the Minister said it was BA who made the bold move. We all understood clearly from the Press release. You all are quick to say read and understand, but apparently you all are doing a good job at this. SMH

    • The deception is in saying 2 flights a week giving the impression that this is long term. This only starts NEXT JULY for only an 8 WEEK period and it is only because BA is maximizing on the summer period left open by VA. It is simply business! So if you’re one of the 43% and want to allow the dumb government to gloss over facts and feed you rubbish go right ahead.

      • I read to understand and I’m surely one of the 43%. And you Lucian Highgrade you don’t deserve my time and energy, because you more of a Lucian Downgrade

  3. I read to understand and I’m surely not one of the 43%. And you Lucian Highgrade you don’t deserve my time and energy, because you more of a Lucian Downgrade

  4. And the rest of the year without Virgin flights, you can be sure prices will rise because of the lack of competition

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