Monday, January 27, 2020

Saint Lucia Government Denies Putting Horses Before Health Care

The government of Saint Lucia, through the Director of Implementation in the Office of the Prime Minister, Nancy Charles, has denied putting horses before the health care of locals in the thrust to develop an equestrian industry here.

Charles told a press briefing Monday that it was really fictitious for politicians, would be politicians, ‘wannabe talk show hosts’ and everybody, to create the impression that the Lucia government is placing before the people of Saint Lucia, the needs of private investors and in particular – the issue of horses.

She asserted that Saint Lucians would appreciate a lot of the effort and time that have been spent on health care.

Nancy Charles

“I think that as an administration we have said over and over again that we are not where we want to be and we should be with regard to health care,” Charles recalled.

“But it is not to say that the government of Saint Lucia has not invested heavily in healthcare and we continue to invest,” the Director of Implementation told reporters.

As it relates to St Jude Hospital and the Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH), Charles explained that it has been very challenging in getting to where the government wants to be.

“I can assure you with perhaps let’s say the OKEU Hospital, the media were privy to some of the discussions  that happened a few weeks ago with the Prime Minister and the EU delegation,” she stated.

“As the Prime Minister explained – and I think sometimes people may view it as an excuse; but because the hospital had been sitting there for so long after completion, a lot of  the equipment and some of the things that are needed for the opening and facilitation and operation of the hospital – some of them had gone bad,” according to Charles.

She made reference to the air conditioning unit, noting that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet had explained that the manufacturer was no longer in business, with the result that another source had to be contacted to replace the parts.

Charles said that the situation resulted in delays.

“The second thing that has caused the delay in terms of a full transition – and I think the media should report as much as possible that there has been  a partial transition of OKEU; so the impression given out there is that OKEU is closed; but that is not the case.”

Charles asserted that the OKEUH is up and running with a dialysis unit where people go since the one at Victoria Hospital was not in any condition to continue.

“You also have the out patient clinic that is currently operating at OKEU and I think we have orthopedics  also operating at OKEU; so  we started a partial transitioning,” she observed.

However Charles told reporters that because of the legislation passed by the previous labour administration making the OKEUH and the Wellness Centre into a statutory entity called the Millennium Heights Complex, it meant there could not be a full transition of removing Victoria Hospital as in the current structure and placing it into OKEUH.

She told reporters that legally it could not be done.

“So we coming into office, we had to look at the legalities of it; the staff – what is going to happen to the staff, because they are transitioning as public servants and they would be transitioning into a statutory corporation,” Charles explained.

She said the staff have to be taken care of and steps have to be taken to ensure that people are not disadvantaged in the transition.


  1. Your list of excuses ring hollow because actions speaks louder than words. We see the horse race track being ready before St. Judes and OKEU hospitals. This speaks volumes

  2. The yegua that speaks for goverment,is going to get ridden by most of us. Va a tener un olorcito when the ride ends.

  3. We read from a diplomat what is Really going on with the Hospital, but this lady has to keep her job, therefore, she must ensure that she dots her “i”s and cross her “t”s at this time. Meanwhile, poor people continue to suffer in silence because of the government’s obsession with a horse-pital as opposed to the health and welfare of its people.

  4. It’s the optics that matter. Right now all we see is progress on the horse track. Ready for races while the people have to be content with sports facility as thier go to for health care. This is just not right. You could spin it all you want, it is what we see and not what is being promised to the people. What else do you expect us to think of. Horses first, people second.

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  6. While I do share everyone’s general sentiments regarding the state of health care here, it seems to be eluding us that the horse race track is a privately funded project. Hence, we can’t realistically compare that project to St.Jude, which is a national project. So, yes I want the hospital to be completed ASAP but I won’t sit here and pretend that DSH has anything to do with St.Jude and its timeline. Some may be upset, but hey, I don’t care because it’s a free country and this is my opinion.

    • The Horse track will be paid by the taxpayers eventually as the Prime Minister himself said that the sale of st.lucian passports will be used to offset the investor expenditure on Rick’s show. Also the cost of the road diversion was paid by the taxppayers as well. So it is not a privately funded project some of that money could be spend on our hospitals

  7. Nancy, every time you open your mouth you only make matters worse for your government. Perhaps you should just be silent about the things you know nothing about!

  8. Wow this one takes the cake ..our people are being dealt shit for health in all ways where a little care is what it takes to make simple things happen for the comfort of the people ..smh we have one life woman and you saying nonsense about not where you all want to be wow so cold ..not where you want to be ? While the people die and languish in shame with no beds , nasty bathrooms and not even the heart to have proper services of information and medical admin to at least give families an option to do something else . Just let them die while all other bacchanal you all in it . Smh this government is sad and forgot they won on the health and needs of their people . Doing the complete opposite like a woman taking all her money for make up , wiggs and clothes for party and get it good while her kids hungry at home smh

  9. Nancy my family member is a grade 5 kidney case with only one kidney.No space at victoria for dialysis..nothing going on at St.Judes.Owen ling is who knows who…Tapion is $500 per session three times a week.Harsh reality is this person is waiting to die..while yall place horses before them and many people going through it as well.Today you will want to sit in your big chair and try to turn things around?? Its not even about politics for us here..its about the govt of the day..put down the bloody shovel with all these bomborclart ground breaking for airport horse track and cruise ship terminal in vfort.Set up all the hospitals and stop advertising the Martinique hospital like its in gros islet.Yall sicken me..hyprocrites..Then yall will say ppl first.I fut shiaye zort toot.
    I cant wait to see when these horses start kicking will be like yall (dogs) barking at the horses to go away..but these horse will deal with yall..Horse-pital over Hospitals..FIRE BURN

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