Saint Lucia Government Seeking Fair Pay For Workers, Unemployment Benefits

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The government of Saint Lucia plans to initiate a discussion on what Acting Governor-General, His Excellency Cyril Errol Melchiades Charles, described as ‘a respectable living wage that promotes fair compensation for workers.’

On Tuesday, Charles told Parliament that the measure would especially target seniors, people with disabilities, and single-parent households.

In addition, he said the government would reform the Income Tax System to allow for easier collection and payment of taxes.

“The disposable income of the lower-income taxpayer will be increased through the granting of higher allowances and the current burdensome imposition of  interest and penalties on outstanding taxes will be reviewed, Charles told the house.

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Delivering the Throne Speech, he also said that consistent with the desire to protect persons from sudden shocks due to unemployment, as witnessed during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the government will task the National Insurance Corporation with analysing the feasibility of unemployment benefits.

And the Acting Governor General stressed the government’s commitment to the goal of Universal Health Care, underpinned by the principles of universality, accessibility, affordability, and equity.

As a result, he announced plans to establish a special unit to refocus efforts in this regard.

“My government believes that healthcare must be kept on the front burner of priorities, despite the waning impact of the Pandemic. My government will pursue improved public infrastructure at the primary and secondary levels,” Charles told Parliament.

And he disclosed that work at St. Jude Hospital would recommence during this session of Parliament.

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  1. Weh de 1500 fellas? Yall really think Lucians stupid. Not because we needed change mean we don’t know what’s going on! 5 years is just around the corner. NB. more like 4 more years.

  2. St.Lucia government is all talk no action, any government who will not set a baseline by means of minimum wage subjects its people to exploitations and slavery.

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