Thursday, September 29, 2022

Saint Lucia government to compile list of qualified officers to serve as trainers

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The Department of the Public Service is dedicated to transforming the Public Service into an efficient government machinery run by well-trained and engaged professionals, dedicated to excellent service delivery. To achieve that reality, the Training Division is tasked with the responsibility of providing that cadre of professionals through the development of learning initiatives aimed at filling skills and competency gaps among public officers.

In the context of scarce resources and to ensure sustainability, the Training Division has recognized the need for collaboration and the pooling of resources in order to fill those gaps. By approaching this mammoth task with a combined effort, we can transform the public service to achieve excellence.

To this end the Training Division will compile a Government Trainers Directory to include a list of experienced and qualified public officers who have volunteered to serve as government trainers and facilitators for training and development initiatives hosted by the Training Division. These elite public officers will have the privilege of participating in the Training Division’s first Train-the-Trainer Programme that will be designed and conducted specifically for them.

The Department of the Public Service therefore invites public officers to indicate their interest in being featured in the Government of Saint Lucia’s Trainers Directory by completing a short survey.  Survey closes Aug. 29.

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