Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Saint Lucia Government Wants To Reduce Serious Crime By 45 Percent

Press Release:– Citizen safety remains an area of urgent attention, and a key focus of the Government of Saint Lucia’s Medium Term Development Plan for 2019-2022.

An integral part of government’s plan is to strengthen the island’s capacity for investigation and prosecution, and reduce serious crime by 45 percent.

Prime Minister Hon. Allen Chastanet revealed in his budget presentation that the forensic lab is already working through the backlog of cases needed to provide evidence in pending criminal cases.

Similarly, the re-opening of the criminal court has resulted in 25 percent of the backlog being cleared, with a target of 70 percent by year-end. Rehabilitation also forms part of the strategy.

“We not believe that incarceration is the only solution to reducing crime in Saint Lucia,” Prime Minister Chastanet said.

“Rehabilitation will be a key component in crime reduction aimed at preventing re-offending upon discharge. Inmates at the Bordelais Correctional Facility and juveniles at the Boys Training Centre will be offered enhanced life skills, literacy and numeracy schooling, substance abuse counselling, and CVQ certification programmes to give offenders the skills to re-enter society with better options for employment, thereby reducing the lure of criminal activity.

“Meanwhile, the introduction of a parole system early in this financial year is intended to support discharged inmates in transitioning back into the community to give them a better chance at completing their rehabilitation,” he said.

In addition to improvements to court infrastructure, government has further strengthened the human resources of the offices of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General’s Chambers.

“An additional Crown Council as well as a process server have been added to the DPP’s Office. Additional legislative drafters have been added to the Legislative Drafting Unit and this unit is now fully staffed. A full complement of Legislative Drafters will ensure our legislation is drafted within reasonable time, thereby bolstering our implementation efforts. Also, the Advice and Litigation Unit has received an additional litigator, which will also strengthen our implementation and execution efforts.”


  1. I welcome every effort by the Government in it’s endeavour to ameliorate the crime epidemic in Saint Lucia. As a fast developing Sovereign State, these are the issues – amongst others – that we need to wrestle with. I look forward to seeing positive results and a better and more peaceful society for all Saint Lucians.

  2. He spoke and having no knowledge of crime and justice. This is pure gibberish. Clearly a result of his poor education.

  3. This is a broken record repeating itself over and over again; PM, wake up from your sleep, because you must be a dreamer;; is that all you will put in place to tacle this crime situation? but the criminals are ahead of you! unless if you bring down the FBI or the SCOTLAND YEARD! and go back to bring in a foreign police chief; don’t try that you know; because our officers are far more better than these men! just trust them!

  4. It’s only a goal. However, it’s unachievable. ..fool’s paradise. Unless a strategy for tackling illegal gun ownership is stated, we are simply flapping our lips. The gun carries tremendous dynamics. It causes intimidation in a way that communities are afraid to report illicit acts. The gun rules during robberies. Its power of coercion cannot be underestimated. In short, it is the X-factor.
    The gun problem is the elephant in the room that they pretend does not exist. I am in total agreement with support services. However, there has to a be a”stick” element beside all “carrots.” This bulletin and others like it are meant for the faithful. I shelved this along with the “anti-gang” law of Lacorbs. Another bust.

  5. It is not poverty or lack of police that causes crime. The very water you pour in an empty bucket that full it. All the effort the government is trying to make which I read in their article will not reduce crime. They have to understand to put God in every thing everywhere in this island. In their article I haven’t heard anything pertaining to God. They want to make a Utopia all by their self. Which they will not reach close to achieve. My advice to any government is. Help the people of this country to gravitate to God by means of certain laws in place. 1, stop indecent and violent music on the radio station. 2,give each policeman 5oo ooo on their account so that they don’t take bribe from no one , for they already this 5oo ooo to take care of their family and business. 3,stops all violent and deadly movies on the TV station. If u not strong what you see and hear make you what you are in society. A new born baby is a brand new compact disc. What ever they see and hear,that is what they will do and live by. Clean our TV and radio station.

  6. It’s a good start to the crime problem if it’s real. Fill good stories are just not enough anymore. We get our weekly dose of these stories by members of this administration. We cannot keep getting bones thrown
    at us without some meat. Policy statements are useless without a genuine plan for action. Simple characterizations regarding policy and enforcement undertaken by this group has lot more complexities than what we are being fed. I’m just wondering if the task at hand is just to complex for the leadership to handle.!

  7. Achieving that goal should be ‘low-hanging fruit’ for ti Chas and his fellow puppets.

    All that is necessary is for the current St. Lucian government to desist from plotting, together with the other larcenous Lima group members & the US, the criminal overthrow of the legitimately elected government of Venezuela.

      • If the majority of the workforce took school seriously perhaps they would get better jobs. Ever thought of that?

      • And Bo, tell us where are the better jobs? Are you aware (not too bright Bo), that St.Lucia does not only have an unemployment issue but that there is a situation of under-employment? To help you (not too bright Bo), that means that many people are holding jobs that are below the levels of their qualification..

    • @Constrictor. Perhaps you morons in this country should stop waiting on handouts and try to create jobs and industry. Small businesses employ 50% of the work force in the US. You know what multi billion dollar companies like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook have in common? Started by one or two individuals in a garage or bedroom.

  8. Suceuse & Bo,
    You miss the point deliberately!

    The current St. Lucian government is the biggest criminal enterprise in St. Lucia; and is plotting the biggest heist ever, in Venezuela, with the world’s greatest criminal enterprise, the government of the U.SA. (which is responsible for the killing of 20-30 million people around the world since 1945).

    The petty hoodlums in St. Lucia therefore don’t consider their crimes to have the merest significance, in comparison.

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