Saint Lucia ‘Grateful’ For Free Medical Care From US Hospital Ship

Press Release:– The Ministry of Health and Wellness in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs is coordinating a humanitarian mission visit by the United States Naval Ship Comfort from September 23, 2019 to October 2, 2019.

During its deployment, the USNS will also be visiting other Caribbean territories such as Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Saint Kitts, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti.

The ship will be berthed at Port Castries and two walk in clinics will be set up at the OKEU hospital and one other site to provide general clinical services.

All services are provided free of charge and are available for all who would need care. There is no pre-registration necessary for the clinics. The team has indicated that up to 500 persons can be seen at each clinic.

The general services provided includes basic medical evaluation and treatment, preventive medicine, dental screenings and treatments, optometry screenings and eye wear distribution, Internal medicine, Paediatrics, Dermatology, Women’s health, physical therapy and provision of medication as needed.

The USNS Ship hospital will be providing diagnostic services and surgical care. The services provided are at US quality of care standards.

The ship has the capacity of 100 admission beds and 30 ICU beds. The diagnostic procedures include CT scan, Ultrasounds, X-Ray, Echocardiogram, laparoscopy, Blood, stool and urine testing. A wide range of minor surgical procedures will also be available.

The diagnostic and surgical procedures have to be pre-scheduled. The request from a local doctor is needed for diagnostic procedures and a referral from a physician is needed for surgical procedures.

Local medical health professionals will be working with the US medical teams during this mission.

The medical staff from the USNS will also be following the requirements for local health professional registration bodies.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness is grateful for this opportunity for care for our people. All are encouraged to make full use of this opportunity.

For further information contact Dr. Sharon Belmar- George, Medical Officer of Health at the Ministry of Health and Wellness at 468-5386, 468-5309, 468-5310.


  1. Trump gift after 90 days better than nothing. Well needed the way things running in St Lucia will health care. I going on it I ain’t too proud to beg. Poor people follow me get the care stiff upper lips jet off to Miami and New York for. They will not be caught dead going on it

    • Everything is just a big joke to some of all……..get a life…….I guess you should take advance of this because you need a mental check up……..choooooooopppppppssss with you will lucians

  2. Lynn what is your problem menopause getting you? yes all the old folk that dont have any more insurance because of their age have to take advantage of this offer.You dont have this problem ? good for you.Health care is not free,and most times you get treated like trash,after they take your monies,VH is the only place old folk can go,sit and wait all day,for a Panadol.

  3. There is always a catch but alot of people here need the free medical because our health care is already is on retirement…..Till a government learn to put their people health care first…..its sad to pass by the health centers and see all those people waiting for some can of help…..

  4. I personally believe that nothing in this life is free.They have come to use us as test subjects (LAB RATS).Its no coincide that right at this moment we are in a health crisis in this country and the found the greatest way to trick those that are easy to be fooled.This so called free health care is not free to the citizens of the country in which they came from.Just remember so many innocent people who died of Ebola..This is just their way of ending your life in a smart way..

    • avaitay say it louder for those in the back GOOD THINGS ARE NOT FREE and this health care thing is a way to test on people so they don’t have to pay the persons to try their things on

  5. HealthCare eh even free in amErica you feel trump go give us BLACK people free health care… lmfaooo who want to go, go I self will stay and use what God put on the earth for us to heal and cure ourselves.

  6. All I’m saying tell a friend to tell a friend don’t do it. Nothing is free especially health care! What? This is beyond crazy, you can’t even see a doctor in the U.S without your insurance card. So this is way fishy

  7. Why not go to the bahamas….thetr still rebuilding and im sure need the free heth care…why would doctors come all this way ….free health care? Medicne and surgeies are expencive…feels like the caribbesn ppl are being tested in or they woukd like to be prasised for doing something good or to make Trump look good

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