Saint Lucia Green Party Hails Opposition Win In Grenada Elections

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The Saint Lucia National Green Party (NGP) has hailed Thursday’s opposition win in Grenada’s general elections, congratulating National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader 44-year-old attorney Dickon Mitchell and his party on their ‘resounding’ 9-6 victory.

“We congratulate the Grenadian people for taking the chance on new faces in the political arena and we wish them all the best in the future in these times of struggle,” NGP leader Andre de Caires stated.

The Saint Lucia NGP leader indicated that the Grenada opposition had come to power amid climate change, the war in Ukraine, food crises, and global transportation chain issues.

“We really hope that Grenada fares well with this new party. As a born Grenadian I am proud to see Grenadian people opening their eyes and taking a chance on something new,” de Caires said.

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According to preliminary results, Grenada’s opposition NDC won Thursday’s general elections with nine of the 15 seats, with the remainder going to the New National Party (NNP) of outgoing Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

The NDC halted the winning streak of Dr. Mitchell’s party, which had recorded consecutive landslide victories in 2013 and 2018.

On both occasions, Dr. Mitchell’s party swept all 15 seats.

The outgoing 75-year-old Grenada Prime Minister retained his seat at Thursday’s elections.

However, he had previously indicated that the poll would be his last.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude and stand humbled before the Lord our God and you, the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique. Thank you from the bottom of each and every one of our hearts. This victory is not ours, but yours,” the victorious NDC declared on its official Facebook page.

“Now, the hard work begins,” the party asserted.

Headline photo: Dickon Mitchell

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  1. A time for reflection, a time to sit back and judge; the News today sends a deafening and powerful message to the crusty old politicos in all these Islands. St. Lucia is an enigma, this government formed it would seem on Party Lines but in fact, hand picked in a way for the needs not of the people, but actually to fulfil for one man, his own small minded and vindictive means to take over and see things run to suit the Cabal, the P.M. as a figure head, lacs what it takes to dictate what goes on behind the scene; but there’s one, The Almighty God who knows

  2. We are not asking for young people who just left university but young enough to have academics and some level of work experience that can be utilized in the political field.
    We have too many old people with same old ideas in politics.
    Stevenson King, kenny Anthony. Philip J Pierre, Emma Hypolyte, Poyotte, all those that have been in the shadows for too long like Shawn Edward’s, Joachim Henry should be gone next elections. Enough of these recycled heads in government. We have too many old and recycle heads. Two terms as an elected member is enough for me.

  3. hold on how comes de caries is a Grenadian but he wants to run in lucia politics? correct me if i am wrong but dont you have to be a born lucian to be in saint lucia politics?

  4. I hope the Old politricktians in St.Lucia and the Caribbean take Note of What Happened in Grenada .From 15-0 To 9-6.


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