Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Saint Lucia Group Condemns Strengthening Of US Sanctions Against Cuba

Press Release:- The Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia-Cuba) is deeply saddened by the continued and further strengthening of sanctions against the people and government of Cuba by the US government.

Earlier this year, the Trump Administration fully enforced the Helm-Burton Act’s Titles III and IV which resulted in the further expansion deepening of the U.S. Commercial and Financial blockade against Cuba. 

The ban on non-family travel,  the further limitations on family remittances,  the renewed imposition of the ban on cruise ship travel by Americans to Cuba,  the recent attack and slander by including Cuba in its blacklist of countries that inadequately combat human trafficking, and more recently, the blocking of entry of fuel to Cuba, are  additional direct attempt to inflict even further hardship upon the Cuban people.  

These recent measures have resulted in serious shortages of petroleum thereby necessitating the rationing of electricity and transportation services. 

These unjust sanctions also highlight the extremely cruel and inhumane attempt by the Trump Administration to inflict even further economic, political and social hardship upon the Cuban people, in all sectors, including the ripple effects on workers, the elderly, the innocent infants and school children. 

Sadly, our sister, Venezuela, a major supplier of petroleum to Cuba, is also a victim of such more recently deepened acts of economic and political aggression, sabotage and cruelty, by the Trump Administration.

The Humanistic Solidarity Association (Saint Lucia-Cuba) strongly denounces and condemns these unprovoked and unprecedented acts of economic, financial and other forms of hostility, aggression, and sabotage imposed upon the Cuban people. 

The HSA stands in unwavering solidarity with Cuba in the face of these aggressions and reaffirms its continued support for the Cuban people.   

The HSA continues to be amazed at the insistence of the United States government with the continued imposition of a failed and archaic policy of unprovoked economic, political, financial and social aggression against the noble and unbending Cuban people -whose endurance and resilience have shown, for six decades, the utter ridiculousness of the United States policy.


  1. My dear HSA what political crap.Its true inocent people suffer,but then you see those that are suffering should turn on their leaders,and make them change their policies.You see the leaders dont suffer,they have all they need because they are party hacks that have special plastic cards,to go shopping and get what they need.All the party hacks live a fine life.Why dont you ask Maduro,why does he have more than 15.000 Cuban soldiers in Venezuela,directing all his police force,all his military garrisons,all his air force and navy.Cant he trust his own military? Apart we could talk of the Russians.Do you ever wonder why the rest of South America,has reasons to worry,when all these war mongering foreigners ,start establishing themselves on the continent.The Cubans have fought all over the world spreading their ideology,hundreds of thousands have died all over South America and they will never forget.Fidel was a cancer,so was El Che,and so is Putin,they still believe they can impose things that have allready failed in the past.You can stir young ignorant students,but we the old that lived the battles never again?


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