Saint Lucia Group Seeks Support In Aiding Victims Of Domestic Violence

The advocacy group Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia is seeking public assistance in responding to the needs of victims of domestic violence.

The organisation says that with the economic downturn and the need for more donated funds, it is struggling to provide support for more women, while being understaffed and having more and more women to serve.

“That’s why your help is even more important to stock the shelter, raise needed funds, and increase volunteers and victim morale,” Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia observed in a statement Sunday.

“In our experience as advocates the existing domestic violence framework is highly ineffective. Victims who are too afraid to go to the police and NGO community for help suffer in silence until it is too late,” the group stated.

It said  even when the police are called in, they often only leave the abuser with a warning not to engage in domestic violence and then leave the victim in the situation without any real help.

According to the organisation, domestic violence shelters are so important to help women break free from their horrid conditions and offer an environment that helps them stay free, as well as without fear of murder.

It disclosed that one-third of female homicide victims are women killed by an intimate partner, as they try to leave their abusers.

“Having somewhere safe to hide from their abuser is very vital to women of abuse. Many times women leave quickly with their children while their partner is away. They take nothing more than the clothes on their backs in their desperate attempt to get away before being seen,” said Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia.

The organisation asserted that shelters are “wonderful havens” that provide food, shelter, clothing, and victim assistance to those seeking refuge.

It said volunteers and supporters are always needed and there should be a domestic violence shelter in almost every district or constituency.

“Call us 1 758 723 4227 and see the best way that you can contribute to our work, or donate online to our safe space fund, ,” the group urged.

It noted that whatever funds are donated will be matched by


  1. You know people won’t mind helping but in St. Lucia the victims are punished more than the criminals. Show the faces of the abusers and criminals. Let the public see their faces.

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