Saint Lucia Hosts Ocean Policy Discussion

Press Release:- Given the importance placed on the sustainable use of ocean resources at the national level, and the need for Saint Lucia to take advantage of the opportunities for the successful implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14), it is critical for the GOSL to continually spearhead work to effectively manage and conserve Saint Lucia’s marine resources.

As such, the Department of Sustainable Development will host a two-day workshop to discuss the draft National Ocean Policy for Saint Lucia, and to introduce the Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning process.  

This is scheduled for the 18th and 19th of June 2019 from 09:00 to 15:30 at the Department of Fisheries Conference Room.

The workshop will:

  • introduce stakeholders to the draft National Ocean Policy;
  • highlight relevance, content and direction of the draft vision statement, principles, policy outcomes and goals, and sector statements;
  • discuss what actions will be required to ensure successful delivery; and
  • introduce the Marine Spatial Planning process.

Minister for Sustainable Development, the Honourable Dr. Gale Rigobert supports this process, and lauds this work as critical to the future of Saint Lucia’s ocean space.

She maintains that “these consultations will guide the establishment of a framework for the planning and development of maritime activities in a rational and sustainable manner for the social and economic development of Saint Lucia, while improving arrangements for marine spatial planning in Saint Lucia, both setting direction for marine and maritime activity under national jurisdiction.” 

The development of this National Ocean Policy, and of the coastal and marine spatial plans, have been commissioned by the OECS Commission as part of the four-year (2017-2021) Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project (CROP), a Global Environment Facility funded project to support the delivery and implementation of the Eastern Caribbean Regional Ocean Policy which was endorsed by the Council of Minister for Environmental Sustainability (COMES) in 2015.

The joint venture comprising Howell Marine Consulting and Sustainable Seas Limited has been contracted by the OECS Commission to develop the National Ocean Policy; while Dillon Consulting has been contracted to undertake activities that will lead to the development of a Marine Spatial Plan and a Coastal and Marine Spatial Plan.

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