Saturday, October 19, 2019

Saint Lucia Joins Search For Americans Who Went Missing In Barbados

Saint Lucia’s Marine Police have joined the search for two Americans who went missing after they took a rented Jet Ski out to sea in Barbados and did not return.

“We have gone out to assist in searching,” a law enforcement official here said.

Oscar Suarez, 32, and Magdalena Devil, 25, traveled to Barbados Saturday, and planned to go home a week later.

On Monday, they did not return after renting the watercraft from a local operator, according to Barbados Police.

Reynaldo Huaman, a cousin of Oscar Suarez told St Lucia Times that the family welcomed the news that Saint Lucia has joined the search.

Reynaldo Huaman

“We are very grateful for anyone and everyone who can join in the effort,” Huaman declared.

“The family is really desperate at this point but hopeful,” he stated, adding that each hour that passes is critical.

“We are very, very anxious,” Huaman disclosed.

He said Oscar Suarez talks to his 5 year old daughter every day and the day he went missing was no exception.

Huaman said as a result it was surprising that hours passed without Suarez reestablishing contact.

He described his missing cousin as fun-loving.

“I can’t really tell you that his experience with Jet Skis was extensive; but he was a smart guy. He would definitely make sure that he stayed within what would make sense. I am really confident of that.”

Huaman explained that what the family has learned from the authorities is not more than what is already in the public domain.

“We found that there was video surveillance of them on the Jet Ski heading North bound,” he revealed.

But Huaman said much else has not been seen in terms of the investigation to determine whether there are other leads.

“We are grateful for all the effort and the work but we are still desperate to get our loved ones back,” he told St Lucia Times via telephone from the United States.

“We are still waiting on a cell phone ping location to see if that could help in giving us a direction as to where they last were before the cell phone died. We know they had their cell phones with them – at least one cell phone with them on the Jet Ski,” Huaman told St Lucia Times.

He indicated that the device was in a plastic case.

Barbados police have appealed to the public for help in the search for the missing Americans and are reported to be working with the US Embassy in Barbados on the case.



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