Thursday, September 29, 2022

Saint Lucia Launches $10 million National Housing Assistance Programme

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Saint Lucia Wednesday launched a $10 million National Housing Assistance Programme (NHAP) funded by the Republic of China (Taiwan).

The Department of Housing and Local Government will implement the initiative to assist the underprivileged by improving their living conditions.

NHAP will identify and create an inventory of households with the most urgent housing needs, assess their priority, design suitable assistance packages, and disburse them in the form of technical assistance, building material and/or labour grants.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told the launch that the NHAP is part of his administration’s promise to put people first.

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“Putting people first is not a slogan. It’s a philosophy; it’s a way of life. It isn’t something that we said to win an election. We really mean it, and in the projects that we are going to be delivering to the people of Saint Lucia, the whole ethos and the philosophy of putting people first is going to be clear,” Pierre told his audience.

He explained that while economic numbers and infrastructure are essential, the depth of the government’s policies will be putting people, which means everyone, first.

“We are going to include everyone. The elections are over,” Pierre declared, adding that now his administration is going to do what it promised.

In this regard, he invited everyone to join, not the ruling party, but the country under the umbrella of doing better for the people of Saint Lucia.

According to Pierre, the initial thinking behind the National Housing Assistance Programme was not to see about housing for needy and poor people but to address other ‘needed’ things.

“It took the cabinet through the Minister to convince the Taiwanese and the other officials that a more immediate need was to repair the houses of people in this country,” the Minister of Finance disclosed.

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