Sunday, September 25, 2022

Saint Lucia Launches Digital COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

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Press Release:- The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs in collaboration with the Division of Public Sector Modernization has rolled out Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate Programme on Wednesday December 29, 2021

All fully vaccinated individuals who received their primary doses of COVID-19 vaccines or those who received either their first or second dose of the two dose series in Saint Lucia have the opportunity to apply for their COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate through the Government of Saint Lucia’s Digital Government Integrated Services Platform known as the digiGov.

The COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate issued by the digiGov Platform is the official national COVID-19 Certificate and will eventually replace the previously issued paper-based COVID-19 Vaccination Card given to a person at the time of vaccination. This digital certificate can be stored on a person’s digital devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

To apply for the COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate visit the website at

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An individual must have on hand an electronic version (soft copy) of the following supporting documents:

  1. Recent passport size photo or equivalent with a neutral background
  2. Your vaccine card (front and back)
  3. Proof of ID – ID used at the point of vaccination (front and back)
  4. Valid mobile phone and email address

The Ministry of Health will continue to inform the public on the application process through the airing of public service announcements (PSAs) via traditional and social media.

The COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate will allow businesses and institutions to easily verify the vaccination status of a holder of this certificate for the purpose of travelling or accessing facilities requiring proof of vaccination.

In addition, they can determine the authenticity of Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 Digital Vaccination certificate with greater security and privacy protection. Verify Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate using the following link: cord

The Ministry of Health thanks the general public for the continued support and will ensure the COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate is issued under safe and ethical conditions.

The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs will continue to update the public on the Government owned COVID-19 Digital Vaccination Certificate.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. This whole process in place right now seems quite redundant. Waiting tax payers dollars. An effective system which minimizes cost, takes into consideration the entire demographic and not just some would be better in my opinion. Again, why had the government chosen another foreign entity when we have been exposed to local IT engineers capable of pricing a more robust solution than what we currently have!!! Wake up people!!!

  2. ” Of Wrath value is an Idol !!
    Since a man carved it !
    Or an image that teaches lies !
    For he who makes it trust in his own
    creation ;
    he makes idol that cannot walk and speak.
    Woe to him who say to wood and carved image ,
    (statues) ‘Come to life !’
    Or lifeless stone, ‘ Waki wake up !’
    Can it give guidance ?
    It is covered with silver and gold ;
    there no breath in it .
    But the Lord is in holy temple ;
    let all the nations (earth) be silent before

  3. Great fear seize the whole world and all who hear about these events . When they heard this,they raised their voices together in prayer to God,except the abominable, blasphemers and haters of God .
    “Souvereign LORD ” they said :
    You made heaven and the earth …… You spoke spoke through your servant (s)…….
    “Why do the nations rage and the people plot in vain ? The Kings of the earth take their stands and rulers, people gather together against the Lord and his antointed ones !!

    ” ‘We will see the Lord always before us.
    Because he is at our right hand,we will not be shaken except the …….
    Therefore our heart is glad and our tongues rejoicies ;our bodies will live in hope, because you will not abandon your people to the grave ,nor will you let us see decay ; you have made known to us the paths of life ; you will fill us with your pressence .

    May your power and will be done before hand should happen. Now, Lord, consider their treats and enable your people to speak your word with great boldness.
    Stretch out your hand to heal and performe miracules sign and wonders through your holy servant Jesus.

  4. The web site does not work properly, and I was subsequently told as much (see below). After going to the link which is
    I found that the record that they have does not match that on my vaccination cards – I am double vaccinated and also got my booster shot, all in St Lucia. The name of one vaccinator was wrong, and the site did not have my booster info nor did it let me indicate in the spot that I got a booster. There was no contact info to rectify this discrepancy, so I went in person to the Ministry of Health, where the unmasked person at the desk said that I would have to come back in a few days, basically next year. They know that the site is not working properly and they announced a launch to the public anyway. If you recall, they had an announcement about 9 months ago about vaccine passport launch.

  5. Ignorance abounds as usual. The digital vaccination information will come in VERY handy for when/if one has to travel. Also, the reason for the digital information is explained in the advertisements. Soon it will be necessary to show it off on the smartphone, and in a “flash”, where EVERYBODY will one day have to keep their ID information stored. From the first day, I detested that great BIG CARD issued to the public, which cannot even be stored properly in a passport or wallet.

    Call me “modern” and “tech savvy” – so far, I like the idea of this information being stored on my digital devices. It works for me. We are not all the same, and are individuals on many levels; and I do mean MANY LEVELS (slow, not so sure, procrastinator, hand of God sayers, politically incompetent, tech competent, tech savvy, intellectuals, scaredy cats.)

    • Can’t wait to have hackers get access to all those goodies you’re so happy to carry around. Don’t say you weren’t warned. It can take years to fix some of these issues.

  6. In the begining was the word,so that the word may be use every day as salt so that no man may be blameless before God :
    “LORD,are you at this time going to restore St-Lucia ? GOD :He said to them : “It is not for you to know the times the or dates the father has set by his own authority. We disowned the Holy and Righteous one and killed the author of life .

    Is them keep on emptying their net destroying nations whithout mercy ?
    I will stand at my watch (escape)and station myself on the ramparts :
    I will look to see what he (GOD) will say to me ,
    and what answer i am going to give to this complaint.
    The LORD’s Answer
    Then the LORD replied :
    ” Write down the revelation
    and make it plain on (tablets )
    so that a herald may run with it.
    For the revelation awaits and appointed
    time ;
    it speak of the (end)
    and will not prove false .
    Though it linger,(await for it );
    it will certainlly come and will not

  7. We have digital cowards, digital stupidity, digital ignorance playing out. I agree with common sense.. I guess we have to implement digital common sense as well. I think they using the word in wrong context to justify their ignorance. Perhaps we might be having digital vaccination too.. what out. Resubmitting of same just shows how the systems works and no realistic system was ever put in place again justifying a copy and paste system. Maybe the Will implement a law soon to have you charge if not vaccinated.

  8. My concern is, which friend, family or foreigner got that contract? Allen, left the country so broke so where did we get that money from? Was that necessary? I live in the US and i walk around with my vaccine card and also took a picture of it and save on phone which is accepted everywhere.

  9. My concern is for the elderly persons who don’t have email addresses and the less fortunate who dont have access to cellphones and tablets? How will they receive this. I hope some clarity is given to the public.

  10. Social credit system. Soon you will have no freedom. Not without the government permission. Hope yall morons who called those who exposed this vile plan conspiracy theorists enjoy living under the boot of corrupt politicians

  11. All conspiracy theories have come to pass. We need new ones ASAP 😏 what’s next? Yellow badges? Wrist bands that can only be removed by the government? Tracking devices? Microchip?


  12. I commend the initiative to simplify the process for proof of vaccination but it baffles me, why must we go through the mundane hassle of resubmitting information about ourselves. Shouldn’t there already be a database on all those who are vaccinated. What was the point filling out a card ? To be just another statistic ? Smh. I mean, if we’re trying to automate such tasks why do it half-assed. Come on man. Got the people and resources. Do it right and also since I’m on the topic of complacency, how will we showcase said digital vaccination card ? Do we log in every instance to display, will there be an app or some qr code ? Can someone enlighten me?

    Thank you.

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