Saint Lucia Launches e-Passport – Minister Acknowledges Resistance To Change

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Home Affairs Minister Virginia Albert-Poyotte welcomed the launch of Saint Lucia’s new e-passport at a ceremony on Monday, acknowledging that there would be resistance to change.

“We advocate for change, but when change comes there is a lot of resistance,” the Minister asserted.

“And this is what we have to address at this time in terms of how our Saint Lucian public – the people of Saint Lucia will receive the presence and use of an electronic passport,” the Babonneau MP explained.

Albert-Poyotte disclosed that one of the challenges the authorities had to address was the document’s cost.

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The Government of Saint Lucia has confirmed that the cost of the new e-passports is XCD 250.00 per document for five years.

In this regard, the Minister recalled visiting many talk shows and media houses to defend the price.

“It’s not the persons who administer the use of the passport who have to face the challenge- it’s the government of Saint Lucia who has to find the money to foot that bill and I want to tell you, it’s not a cheap exercise,” Albert-Poyotte asserted.

She said she understood why it was not a cheap exercise since this country’s security is of critical importance.

According to the Minister, many people see security, crime, and safety in terms of guns.

However, she pointed out that sophisticated crimes exist that have nothing to do with firearms and physical abuse.

“If we do not control our borders, we are not safe and we have to control our borders in terms of who comes in and who goes out,” Albert-Poyotte told her audience.

And she described the new e-passport as one means of assisting the government and people of Saint Lucia to be in a safer environment.

Police Commissioner Milton Desir earlier described the e-passport launch as a momentous occasion.

He described the occasion as thrusting Saint Lucia into what could only be a very promising future since e-passports have been billed as the new generation of travel documents, providing several advantages to their owners.

Desir pointed to increased security features, including protection against identity fraud through improved biometric features.

“The transition to this system will undoubtedly allow Saint Lucia to enhance its border management effort in keeping with recommendations by the International Civil Aviation Organisation,” he stated.

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  1. So when does this null and void our passports that are still good for over a handful of years? Please FOCUS on WASCO.

  2. Resistance and plenty ppl ready to pay their money and the new story is the system is extra slow? 3 hours standing outside only to be told to come back to get a number for assistance! It’s 2022, no respect for persons time. Easy enough to say come back like ppl have no jobs to go to and nothing else to do! Y’all had an entire two weeks to get things up and running! THIS IS RIDICULOUS; address that!!!

  3. I concur with all the comments and been having a good laugh of people we elect to represent us on the international dtage. What a disgrace they cannot even articulate to sentences to explain themselves or address the nation with respect.
    There is no difference with this government communications with the nation top down approach than that of Chastnet accept their complexion of the skin and ancestral heritage.
    Every politician regardless of party colours address us the people when they are in power as their slaves very disrespectful!

    • Well we give them the power to do it and sit back while they continue to abuse us. Now if the people said enough and went Sri Lanka on their asses, I bet you all incoming red and yellow will respect the people. And when they start disrespecting the people as they get comfortable, remind them who really has the power.

  4. Resistance to change? Someone please explain to me why an adult passport was reduced from 10 years to 5 in St Lucia, under the ruse that this was to make the passport machine-readable? Why was this accepted before and now in the first place? This has nothing to do with security. Why was this ridiculously short and inpractical period not reverted to the standard 10 years that most nations confer on their citizens? Why is it that when this question is asked there is never an answer, or the comment is not posted?

  5. Let’s get this straight…. It is NOT resistant to change it is the cost involved especially at this time. Imagine you need to update your account at the Bank and Credit Unions or opening a new account and they are asking you for two forms of ID. You don’t have a driver’s license. Normally you would quickly renew your passport for $80.00. Now you need to pay $250.00!!! Did you’ll involve all stale holders like you’ll love to say???? Well “non-compliance” at the financial institutions have just began. By extension non compliance for SLU. This thing will have a damaging domino effect.

  6. How dare you say there is resistance to change? It is just a passport and all we have to do is submit it when it is being asked for. Nothing else. What change? It serves the same purpose in a different way. The only change is the $250 and in this very, very very difficult time we have all reasons to resist. Why not for 10 years? This won’t affect the cost of producing the passport.

  7. Imagine, this administration have so many people who can’t speak properly combined with a shitload of those who lack empathy, like that woman who knows nothing about struggling. She speaks to the citizenry like we are primary school students. She needs to redirect this energy to her cabal.

  8. Woman is as clueless as a toad under a rock. Smdh. Imagine this person is a minister. Abba help us! This is what our future looks like….these dumb clueless clowns talking gibberish in our faces for the next 4 years. Imagine when the two lazy leeches / mattresses who have not held a job for a combined total of over 40 years start their posts in the overseas positions the disgrace and shame we will further face as a country. Lord help us!


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