Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Saint Lucia Launches Vaccination Campaign

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Saint Lucia has launched a vaccination campaign with the aim of ensuring a vaccine coverage of 95 percent or more in children aged 0 to 5 years, the Ministry of Health and Wellness has announced.

A release from the ministry quoted Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Doctor Merlene Fredericks-James as saying that the hope is for children to be vaccinated before schools reopen in September.

The CMO explained that Community Nurses will be going into homes, schools and communities to follow up directly with parents and children who wish to be immunized but may have missed one or more vaccines.

“With the parents’ consent, children will be administered vaccines as per our protocol to ensure that they are protected from vaccine preventable diseases,” Fredericks-James disclosed.

“We will also be reviewing our data processes and improve the use of electronic patient records for documenting and reporting on the percentages of our children who have received all vaccines in a timely manner,” she said.

The vaccination campaign is being held under the theme, “All in, Get Vaccinated” and will run from July to September, according to the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Minister for Health & Wellness Minister Mary Isaac says health authorities here want 100 percent coverage in the vaccination campaign.


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  1. Are you kidding me. So you’re falling in line with the Americans with their poison vaccines that tend to cause so much issues with our kids nowadays. Wake up St Lucians you all are taking poison from people that hate black peoples and you’re not questioning why??? At least wait until the children. Are pass the age of 10 before you accidentally sterilize or worse yet bring on ADHD feminize the boys

  2. This is a silent war against umanity beware!.the puppet master is at play.coming to your homes!? Sound like, invation of privacy!!!? Scarry!!!

  3. Wise up Lucians a child receives all the immunity they require in uterine from the mother. Why would you put mercury and other Poison in a child who’s brain is still developing thereby stunting their development. You folks can’t see the writing in the wall by allowing the west to try and destroy our children genetically. Then Throw the entire faculty and staff in charge away.

    • Meant in utero.
      Vaccinate after 6yrs and go back to the standard shots instead of the current 46 – 50
      Before they are 12. Helping the Caucasian to kill black children sad just sad

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